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Distance learning used to be an alternative or a complementary way of studying. Today, it is the only option for going back to school in most countries. Virtual learning was generally viewed as convenient and flexible. Students thought that they could cope with it with less effort or energy than with traditional classes. However, the first half of the year proved them wrong. Distance learning puts even more pressure and workload on students than in-person education. People often lack efficient study habits or get too many distractions. As a result, education turns into a mess with failed assignments and student burnout.

There is a bunch of study habits that you can develop to increase your success when learning from home. They will help you to study smarter, spending less time on each particular assignment while getting better grades.

Be Active

If you want to get things done, you need to be mentally engaged and take responsibility. It will allow you to make meaningful progress. When taking an online course, you should always keep in touch and log in frequently. This way, you make sure you do not miss out on any important announcements, deadlines, or expectations. Besides, you should also take an active part in discussions and publish what you are learning. When you document the stages of your learning process, it helps you to share and reflect on your progress. You can practice it not only on education-related platforms but also on social media.

It is easier to be motivated when you study together with your classmates. It is an effective productivity trick based on companionship. Gather your friends to hold virtual study sessions. When you study in a group just a few times a week, you get a sense of community. Having conversations, you can support each other and have a rich learning experience.

Create Distraction-Free Space

Studying online, the biggest challenge is to avoid distractions. As you use the same tool for education as for entertainment, it requires you to set certain rules and restrictions. Otherwise, you will find yourself watching Netflix or YouTube every time you sit down to study. To overcome the temptation to check social media, set a time limit during which you are not allowed to do anything else except for studying. Moreover, you can use apps such as Freedom or Serene to block distractions on all your devices. With their help, you will only have access to school-related websites. You will finish your work fast if you keep your learning space separate from entertainment.

Your environment can be distracting as well. When you have a cluttered working space or a busy view, it is likely to attract your attention every now and then, making you less focused on the task at hand. What is more, try to separate your study space from other areas of your room if it is possible. You will form a link between a place and a certain type of work. It will allow you to focus on studies automatically once you enter the learning environment.

Do One Task at a Time

Another bad studying habit is multitasking. Even if it may seem productive to do several activities at the same time, you lose 40% in productivity as you switch tasks rapidly and interrupt yourself. As a result, it takes much longer to finish an assignment. Some people prefer watching TV to relax while studying. Yet, it is also a form of multitasking, which does not benefit you in any way. You get neither quality entertainment nor proper study time.

Make Use of Time Management

To perform well at distance learning, try to treat it as traditional classes. It means that you should give the learning process a structure with consistent study sessions, breaks, and appropriate daily routine. Be serious about your calendar and organize your work. At the beginning of the week, look through your list of assignments and note down all due dates. Then, include the necessary tasks, breaking them into small steps. It will help you to estimate how much time you need for each task. If you are in trouble because of poor planning, you can send your “do my paper” request and get your essay done even if the deadline seems unrealistic. Yet, if you plan your study routine correctly, no deadline will catch you by surprise.

It is important to be specific and realistic about your assignments. Instead of saying, “I will do as much as I can during my study time,” try to set specific goals, for example, “I will complete assignments A, B, and C.” The first mindset puts you under pressure because of the absence of workload limits. In contrast, the second one allows you to see a concrete goal and time limits, increasing productivity, and chances of success.

To Sum Up

Despite the flexibility distance learning can bring, it requires discipline and a thorough organization of study routine. You need to manage your assignments, deadlines, and study space to get the desired knowledge and skills. Once you take responsibility for your education, you will achieve success in no time.