Cattle equipment is a necessity for farm breeders. They need all sorts of tools for cattle handling, from heavy-duty slaughterhouse equipment to reliable cattle stunners, durable cattle loading chutes to long cattle alleys, all tools are needed to help cattle breeders establish an adjustable cattle handling system on their farms.

An important question which keeps boggling the minds of cattle breeders, however, is that from where should they buy cattle equipment. There are many websites online which supply cattle breeders with the equipment they need. Farmers and cattle breeders who need such tools can refer to any website with good reviews and try their hands on those products.

Following is an explanation of the types of cattle equipment used by cattle breeders to keep their cattle working.

Cattle Squeeze Chutes

Cattle squeeze chutes are also referred to as Livestock crush, standing stock, and cattle stock. These chutes are used to keep the animals standing still while a vet performs a medical examination on them.

The animals are confined into a box that fits their size. This is done to prevent the animal and the vet from any injury in case the animal panics. Therefore, these chutes are given the name ‘Squeeze chutes’.

Cattle Loading Chutes

Cattle loading chutes, as their name suggests, are used to load cattle into a container or vehicle for the purpose of transportation. These chutes are constructed in a way that they easily form an inclined plane on both sides to easily get the animals on them. Cattle loading chutes are a necessity for farm cattle breeders since they provide an opportunity to relocate the animals safely.

Cattle Alleyways

Cattle alleyways are the narrow paths that are designed to look like alleys. Therefore, the name cattle alleyways are assigned to them. The main purpose of cattle alleyways is to help in herding the animals on the far to nearby distances. This also serves as a refreshing exercise for animals without putting the pressure of shepherding on the breeder’s shoulders.

Cattle Stunners

Cattle stunners are devices that help in making the animals immobile or unconscious before they are slaughtered. Cattle stunners are also known as captive bolt pistol, stun bolt gun, bolt gun, or stunner. Whether or not the animal is killed depends upon the person who wants them slaughtered. Some people might prefer them to be killed and then slaughtered and others might want them to render unconscious only before being slaughtered.

Slaughterhouse Equipment

Slaughterhouse equipment includes tools needed to slaughter an animal including a skinning knife, a sticking knife, skinning cradle, the hoise, meat chop, meat sow, meat tree hooks, steel, spreader, grinder stones and honing stones. Slaughterhouse equipment is essential for cattle breeders who raise cattle to sell their meat.


While there are other types of cattle equipment available in the market, the ones listed above are the most basic must-haves every cattle breeder must know about.