We all love Fortnite and who today doesn’t! Fortnite Battle Royale is currently taking the world by storm. Everyone is planning it, and with how big it is, some exciting things have happened within its community!

Today we will have some interesting Fortnite facts that you may not have known.

When looking at Fortnite, we think it’s essential to look at how the game launched and then look at it when the Battle Royale mode began two months later. Fortnite entered early access in July 2017 with the battle royale mode launching in September of the same year.

The PvE only game launched it got two good reviews, but it was kind of menu heavy and a bit repetitive with its free-to-play vibe. Still, two months later, the Battle Royal mode comes, and it wins the hearts of players across the world. It will become the most played game on Twitch, and it will break all concurrent players’ records! Their free to play model has become a staple in the industry, and we are sure that there will be many copy cats, as they currently are!

With that, let’s dwell on some facts!

Cheating can cost you a lot of money

Fourteen-year-old player Caleb Rogers posted a Youtube video playing the game using several cheats found on a popular cheat website! After that, Epic Games requested to remove the video because, according to the company, showing the use of cheats means encouraging others to use them.

Epic games previously expressed a negative attitude towards cheating, but Caleb rejected the

request to remove the video. This left the company only two options. To sue the teenager or to retract the request. Thus the fourteen-year-old boy’s pride and his love for cheating nearly forced his family to pay a fine of $150.000. The case was settled last year, but the details are not public? We do hope that Caleb stopped with the cheating!

You win after 20 minutes of Fortnite in China automatically?

In Fortnite, China, after just 20 minutes have elapsed all living players win! The Chinese version of the game is quite different from the western release of Fortnite. Chinese gaming laws limit the time and number of hours you’re allowed to play!

According to some Redditors, the reasons behind are in simple terms communism, but on a more serious note…Epic wanted to attract players with this method. When the game was released, it was flooded with experienced players from PUBG, and similar games and new players got wrecked, so the company decided, everybody wins!

Parents are paying online tutors to help make their kids better at Fortnite

Yes. Simple as that. With 250 million players worldwide, it is no surprise that there are services that offer Fortnite lessons and tutoring. Everything from how to get the best items, finding a high ground, how to be more precise, etc. These tutors are sometimes professional players and streamers, and their prices range from mostly $15 to higher for an hour. Boosting was always popular in games, where a person would log into an account and win for you, but online tutoring. That’s a bit new for us even!

Flossing become big as it is because of Fortnite

YouTube video

A hilarious dance move first virally put out by the backpack kid during a Katy Perry performance on Saturday Night Live. Flossing was introduced in 2017 as a dance emote reward for the Battle passes Season 2. After that, the dance was seen by millions of children all across America, which garnered massive attention. Flossing has become so big and widely accepted by the American audience, as the dance is not sexual in any way.

The famous streamer Ninja, who gained his fame with Fortnite, even attempted to break a flossing-world record on Times Square on New Year’s Eve but failed spectacularly, which prompted many memes. A cringe moment for the books!

Speed Radars in Fortnite

In 2018 the Epic team added a cute little addition to the game that they incorporated into the weekly progressions systems. There were big LED radar guns in different locations on the map that will tell you your speed. As the game contains different drivable vehicles, the radar guns are randomly placed on the map, and players are invited to test out the top speed! Tips on how to beat the speed of 27 are driving down ramps or making handbrake moves. In any case, it was a neat little thing, and sadly they were taken out from the game later on.

The rarest Fortnite Skin is the Renegade Raider?

An exclusive outfit from Season 1 and, in our opinion, a super cute one, the Renegade Raider won’t ever come to the store again. A “rare” type of skin is, at the same time, one of the oldest skins in the game. The first season you needed to have a character that was a level 20 to purchase it and with that. In any case a real OG skin and those who got it can be considered very lucky!

Epic mistakenly released an item that lasted only 30 minutes?

The Eye of the Storm tracker was a rare item that was released during season 4. Epic Games added an unreleased item into the game by accident. The item was something that tracked the next two storm circles so that one could get ahead of your opponents. With it, you didn’t have to worry about getting caught off guard by the storm! The devs quickly removed the item just after 30 minutes and replaced it with the Jetpack. Those who got to try it can consider themselves pretty lucky!

With that, we want to end our small list! Fortnite is one of the exciting games, and their happenings are such events! With their position cemented in the eSport World and with the creative devs at Epic games that are giving their best to keep the game exciting and fresh, the game is sure to stay! We are excited to see what they have in store for us in the future!