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There are many attractions offered at the town of Edenton is located in Chowan County of North Carolina, USA. The place has attracted different people who consider traveling, photography, creating different logs of places as a hobby, or a thing that provides them with satisfaction and relaxation. Also, the place is an amazing destination for people who love to have a look and experience different aspects of American culture and heritage. All of this will be a part of your traveling when you will spend time in North Carolina. If you have kids, you can come across different events and attractions where you can even enjoy with your kids.

Walking Tour of Downtown Asheville Brewery

The walking tour is led by a certified cicerone with stops including the top Asheville breweries and at each brewery, you learn about the specific brewing processes. You can learn about the specific brewing processes and you will get a chance of tasting multiple samples. You can decide the time so that you can make time from any commitments if any. You can also upgrade to add a souvenir pint glass on your tour.

Historic Edenton State Historic Site

The place offers a lot for people who have an interest in the culture and heritage of Edenton, NC. It comprises of a group of antique homes and buildings that make it look perfect for people to learn about the origins of the southern town. It includes attractions like the Iredell House, the Cupola House, and the St Paul’s Episcopal Church. All these become a major symbol and historic significance for visitors. You can get information on this place using a high speed internet by Spectrum.

1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse

This is one of the places that serves as a landmark located as a historical museum in the town. It is managed by the North Carolina State Historic Sites which has strived to preserve the historical structure of the place. You can visit the place when it opens from Tuesday throughout Saturdays where there are different guided tours arranged for the visitors.

The overall management of the lighthouse is done by the Historic Edenton Visitor’s Center, and they are located somewhere at 108 N. Broad Street and they can guide if If you have any questions or concerns about the place. You can use your internet or Spectrum home phone services offered by Spectrum to get connected to them. Also, you can have a look at the

Asheville Ghost Walking Tour

You will get to explore the spookiest places of the city and discover the tales and legends associated with the places and their significance in history. You will be accompanied by a guide who will lead you through the tour in the dark and spooky night to different sites. The tour includes the tour of Basilica of St. Lawrence and Pritchard Park along with a crash course of different ways to use ghost hunting equipment. To make things easier for you the tour starts from a convenient location where everybody meets at a common meeting point

Entertainment for Almost Everybody at the Queen Anne Park

Queen Anne Park is one of the most ideal places to relax and have a soothing time alone or with a loved one when you are in North Carolina. You might find that the place has some comforting chairs where you can rest your back for a while and close your eyes and relax, there is one peaceful environment where you can become a thinker or write a script or simply relax your mind and body.

Finally, there are some shaded picnic tables where you can gather along with your family and enjoy an amazing meal with a lot of fun things you can do together. The surrounding areas give out an amazing view if you climb at the top of the Roanoke River Lighthouse. If you have kids, there is a special place for them and they can enjoy some exciting events where everybody in the family can enjoy themselves.

Enjoy Different Views with the Edenton Bay Cruises

You can get in touch with some of the most interesting sites and places with a 40-minute tour wherein you can do some major sight-seeing. You can also experience getting aboard the LIBER-TEA which is an eco-friendly 22′ all-electric launch that is driven by Capt. Mark L. Thesier.

This offers an opportunity for professional or hobby photographers to add some lovely photographs of all the views they can come across throughout the tour. Also, you can have a look at the historic and abandoned homes and take pictures of the Roanoke River Lighthouse as it gives out a very hearth-throbbing view of the sunset.

One of the good things that you might notice here is that there are different discounts you can avail if you are a senior citizen or have served in the military.

North Carolina is an amazing place to have a good time with your family or friends. You can pick from any of these amazing activities to do. There is a lot more for people who seek an adventurous and entertaining vacation.

I would recommend that you should watch some videos and reviews of these tours on YouTube and other platforms before planning your vacation. This will help you save time, money, and a lot of effort as well.

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