One of the most popular types of content from around the world is Japanese anime. With a variety of content providers and different ways to watch shows, anime has become one of the fastest-growing genres in the entire world.

Even though people think that anime may be one category of the show, they’d be mistaken. Within anime, there are tens of different genres and mixtures of genres for fans to watch. This unique blend of content has paved the way for new fans each day and allow for some really incredible possibilities.

Anime has something for everyone, whether its action-packed shows or magical mysterious settings. There are even Japanese gambling anime because this industry has become so popular on a wide scale.

If you’re not as familiar, here are some of the best Japanese anime genres out there right now.


This is more of a “descriptive term” than a genre, however, because so many shows fit into this category it has really become a genre that people search for.

Shounen literally means “few years”, which is to say that this is an anime that is typically aimed at a young male demographic, usually under 15 years old. These shows have evolved over time so that their storylines have been interesting to a wider audience.

The Shounen genre includes staples that will probably be familiar to even casual anime fans like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or One Piece.

These shows tend to focus on action and adventure because that is what hits home the best for their intended audience. As you’ll probably tend to notice, the most popular anime are able to blend all of that action, adventure, and fighting with some other interesting or unique attributes so that their shows do not go stale.

One traditional staple of this industry is to use comedy well in times with less action so that you grow more fond of the characters you are seeing on the screen. Shows like Dragon Ball can highlight the potential that anime has with a worldwide audience that grew like crazy years ago. The show has a keen following to this day and many others have picked up where it left off.


In anime, you are allowed to create a complete world that characters are born into. Because of that freedom, there is a lot of popularity in the supernatural genre.

Anything can happen, so adding in some supernatural “laws” or character traits becomes a very popular way to add some interest to your show.

This genre can share a lot of traits with Shounen because you are still going to find a lot of action here when the storylines kick-off and the threat of evil or danger are standing in the protagonist’s way.

This genre is great because you get some really unique ideas from creators who aren’t bound by any physical limits – they are free to let their imagination go wild and that usually results in some pretty interesting storylines that are produced.

Slice of Life

Slice of Life could almost be considered the exact opposite of the supernatural genre. While something might happen that is out of the ordinary or give the anime some “supernatural” tendencies, the show is usually focused on what is happening in the character’s day-to-day life. Showing characters who are in high school or even earlier is popular due to the “dramatic” scenes that can unfold in one’s life at that time.

There tends to be a lot of comedy and personal development in these anime because there is not going to be much (if any) time required for big adventures or any kind of developed fight scene.

This can be a more relaxed anime to watch because there is not going to be the “high-stakes” involved in other shows; however it can still be fun to watch for the viewer and most people report that they watch these kinds of shows to feel “relaxed”.


Of course, romance is a popular category for anime because of its appeal to a wide audience. Love stories have been told since the start of time and anime shows are not immune to this trait.

Romance anime tends to be mixed with a few other genres because of the nature of how these shows work. Depending on what you are watching, romance may have a strong influence or a weaker influence on all of the characters in the show.

You will see many of the typical story arcs in this category such as a relationship that starts with a lot of conflicts and stops the main characters from having a successful relationship. You could see awkward encounters or a situation where different people come along and build hardships among the original main protagonists.

Romance anime can be very flexible and is one of the most popular genres in anime today.


The magical genre is similar to the supernatural because creators look for a way for their anime to stand out and really become interesting.

There’s also always going to be an interest in magical elements especially for storytellers who have fantastical ideas in their head, which go hand in hand with anime.

It’s interesting to note that you will get a lot of Japanese historical references as well as European ones as well.


This genre includes stories that would normally be called “horror” or “mystery” genres. The psychological genre can get complicated and have some really intricate stories to tell. This leads to a lot of intrigue for the person watching because you want to see how the whole story plays out.

The stunning turns and reveals will lead to an interested viewer throughout the entire anime.


There are a lot of genres out there for those who want to get into the world of anime! Don’t worry about trying them all right away; simply dive into one that you think appeals to you and see how it goes. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to what you like to watch!