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How much do you enjoy binge-watching, be it movies or TV shows, and whether it’s after a long day at work or just one of those weekends you want to relax and lay in bed all day? If that’s how you like spending your leisure time, then look no further because NBCUniversal’s latest streaming service, Peacock TV, has a robust lineup of both your favorite TV shows if you’re into comedy, horror, action and much more, as well as only the best movie recommendations suitable for just about any number of preferences or moods. In essence, Peacock has you covered on both fronts.

The most prominent feature of Peacock TV is that you can watch all their streamed TV shows and movies absolutely free without having too many obtrusive advertisements.

Additionally, if you’re having trouble making up your mind about what you want to watch, you’re more than welcome to trek through our colossal but convenient guide that shines a light on the best of the best programs available and streaming on Peacock TV.

First, we shall dive into the list of top recommended movies streaming on Peacock TV.

1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Genre: Fantasy

This epic fantasy film is part of a long line of sequels spanning almost a decade and eight movies. This is the third installment within the movie franchise but adapted from the all-time famous novels authored by J.K. Rowling. The movie follows Daniel Radcliffe’s boy wizard, Harry Potter’s adventures in his third year at the Hogwarts School with his friends. In this installment, Harry not only uncovers more about his past but also his connection to the escaped prisoner, Sirius Black.

2. Bernie (2011)

Genre: Biographical black comedy crime

Jack Black never disappoints with all the comedic roles he has taken on in the past, and this biographical black comedy film, Bernie, is proof of that. Based on true events, the plot of this movie revolves around a beloved 39-year-old American mortician. He purports the murder of an 81-year-old millionaire, Marjorie Nugent, in 1996, whose body was finally uncovered nine months after. The staple feature of this film is the attention to the accuracy of the facts presented, and of course, it’s hard to forget Jack Black’s outstanding performance as Bernie Tiede.

3. Step Brothers (2008)

Genre: Comedy

As the movie title suggests, Step Brothers is about two aimless middle-aged men (Brennan and Dale) still living with their parents whose lives collide when their parents decide to marry, forcing them to live under one roof against their will. As an ‘R’ rated film, it is pretty raunchy and mean-spirited but still manages to come off as a gleefully stupid and ridiculously humorous comedy.

4. Shrek (2001)

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

A little over two decades after its release, Shrek remains a prominent and relevant film. Even today, you can search all kinds of memes featuring the all-time favorite characters of the show, Shrek and Donkey (played by Mike Myers and Eddie Murphy, respectively). Shrek maintains its position as an amusing imitation of various fairytale lore while the focal characters continue on their journey to self-acceptance. Shrek is nothing short of a wholesome, family-friendly film with juvenile jokes for children and clever ones for adults.

5. Zero Dark Thirty (2012)

Genre: Thriller

Zero Dark Thirty is a thrill-driven dramatization based on factual accounts about the almost decade-long global manhunt led by CIA analyst Maya Harris for Osama bin Laden, founder, and leader of the terrorist network Al-Qaeda, following the September 11 attacks. This gripping, dark war thriller is packed with scenes of government-approved black sites and enhanced interrogation methods, plenty of cat and mouse chases back and forth between US and Afghanistan in search of the main antagonist culminating in a final covert stealth operation marking an apparent end to the tyrant’s atrocities.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at our list of the best TV show recommendations that are currently streaming free on NBCUniversal’s premier channel, Peacock TV.