Ever since the iPad was first introduced to the world, many have ruminated on the possibility that tablets would soon come to replace laptops and desktops entirely. Nevertheless, these past few years have seen laptops and iPads peacefully coexist with one another, although that could perhaps be changing.

New editions of the iPad are being increasingly hailed by some proponents as certifiable Mac replacements, though many consumers and tech specialists continue to reserve their doubts about the possibility of this swap.

Can you really replace your Mac with an iPad? What are the pros and cons of such a swap? Here’s a review of whether or not you should replace your laptop or desktop with a tablet, and what tradeoffs you should expect when you do so.

It’s certainly possible

There’s no denying that it’s possible to replace your Mac with an iPad, at least now that modern iPad iterations are more impressive and filled with features than ever before. Indeed, many everyday consumers and tech reviewers alike have claimed that they’ve successfully pivoted from a Mac to an iPad full-time.

Just because you can theoretically do something doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it, however. People and their tech needs and desires vary widely on an individual basis, so you should consider the following before pivoting entirely to a new tablet.

There are different iPad options, including the regular iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad pro. If you’re simply asking whether “an iPad” can replace your Mac, you should instead be asking whether a specific iPad option can replace your Mac. In order to do this successfully, take some time to review the disparities between the varying options.

The iPad Ultimate, by far the most expensive option, is widely considered to be the best choice because of the features that it offers. If you’re pivoting to an iPad Ultimate, you’re much more likely to find it to be a suitable replacement to your Mac than if you were pivoting to, say, a standard and more affordable iPad.

Nobody else can make this decision for you. After all, only you know what you need out of your computing device. By reviewing platforms like HotRate, however, you can compare and contrast various options to ascertain whether they meet your needs.

If you need plenty of storage, an iPad probably can’t match the raw potential of Mac’s superior hardware, but cloud storage options potentially alleviate those concerns for many consumers.

A portable iPad Air can be a lovely option for students, frequent travelers, or others who are regularly on the go, but it would be a lackluster choice for someone who spends all day stationary at their home or business with their Mac.

Modern iPads can pretty much become laptops

If you think there’s a hard choice between a Mac laptop and a modern iPad, think again. This is because the line between the two is quickly blurring. With the help of a smart keyboard and stand for your iPad to rest upon, for instance, it can closely resemble a small laptop computer. CNBC recently issued a fantastic review of how modern iPads truly come close to replacing computers entirely but understand that this is a very personal choice that each individual must make by themselves.

Companies like Adobe have promised that “full” versions of their beloved apps are coming to iPads sooner rather than later. In other words, though iPads don’t have access to everything that Macs do right now, that could change in the near future. Replacing your Mac with an iPad may thus be a prudent decision for the forward-thinking tech enthusiasts who want to get ahead of the next big trend.