The revenue generated through poker games cannot equal what is obtainable in online casinos, even though it is one of the most popular card games in the whole world. The rapidly growing online gaming industry is now valued at $166 billion, and majority of the earnings are from igaming.

The popularity of poker is still rising, but a lot may still need to be done in the present age to lure in more players. This may be the point where poker may get inspired by top Novomatic games found at online casinos.

What Would Make Themed Poker Rooms Work?

At the inception, online poker brought in a revolution by simply offering players the chance to play cards online from anywhere and whenever they deem fit. But, with the saturation of the market with platforms that offer casino games, the operators needed to bring in some level of innovation, so as to lure in more players. To achieve this, they had to bring in variety, and this includes brand new titles like the fast-fold poker. However, it seems that this is the time for more evolution for the poker sites.

Within the last five years, online bingo sites have witnessed success all over the world, and this was done by borrowing a leaf from the online casinos in most of their features. You will realize that abundance and variety are very important when you look at the listings in online casino sites. For instance, Casimba casino has more than 500 games on offer from numerous developers. This was copied by bingo sites in delivering much more activities than just conventional playing of bingo to players, as themed bingo rooms and slots emerged as some of the most essential features of the present day bingo experience.

In order to satisfy varying player needs, online casinos incorporated different themes, and this has helped it thrive, with different slot games representing varying genres. In the bingo sites, there are themed rooms like Rainbow Riches and Grease, and this could prove to be a hit in the poker industry in the future.

What More Developments Can Lure In More Poker Players?

Some technological advancement is expected to hit the limelight in the nearest future, and virtual and augmented reality is expected to flourish in 2023. These futuristic pieces of kits are looking so promising in the poker industry in the future.

VR is expected to bridge the gap between live and online poker. Since moving to the web, it has not been possible for developers to bring in the psychological aspect of the game, where the crux of the matter is by analyzing other players’ reactions. We are hopeful that VR may change this.

If players can sit around poker tables wearing VR headsets, there could be a reintroduction of some of the deceptions and bluffing that were part and parcel of the game. Presently, you can only achieve this in a live setting, meaning that there is a massive difference between live and online poker. The social aspect of poker could also be improved by VR. There is a chat feature in most of the online poker sites, but the problem is that you can’t easily make friends with these people because you can’t see the faces of the people you are chatting with.

Poker could witness the next level of its evolution if the operators try to meet up with what is obtainable in the online bingo and casino sites. They can achieve this through the introduction of themed games, and also through new and emerging innovations in technology.