iTunes – Is It The Ultimate Solution to iPhone Management Needs?

iTunes is a device management software application developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone and other Apple’s digital gadgets. Initially, the objective of iTunes was mainly music. It featured a music library for users to organize, collect, and store their favorite music collections. But, with the time, its core features expanded. In the present day, iTunes could be defined as a freeware that serves as a media player, digital library, digital radio broadcaster, mobile device management utility, and a client app that’s available on the iTunes store.

Until iOS 5, the users were required to use iTunes for their phone’s activation. However, with the expansion in core features, iTunes received huge criticism for bloated user experience. But then, Apple replaced iTunes by three separate applications i.e., Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

Well, instead of downloading three different apps, most users are still looking for an all in one iPhone management software that ensures easy, quick and safe data transfer, backup, restore, and management from iPhone into Windows and Mac. DearMob iPhone Manager is designed keeping in consideration the above-stated specifications and is the best alternative to iTunes in the present day. You can now backup iPhone without iTunes with DearMob iPhone Manager.

DearMob iPhone Manager – The Ultimate iTunes Alternate

DearMob iPhone Manager is a convenient iPhone management application designed for iPhone or iPad users, with a specialized focus to ensure deep-rooted, flexible, open, and straight content management services. It efficiently facilitates your iPhone/iPad/iPod file for sharing, syncing, and back-up with encryption.

Why Choose DearMob iPhone Manager?

With the availability of multiple up-to-date file managers over the App Store, you might be super confused as to which one to choose for your iPhone. Choosing DearMob iPhone Manager is the right decision for all the right reasons. Its diverse features and options ensure that you get to reap the benefits of the excellent performance of every task related to file management, transfer, backup, and sync. The goal is to let you be in control of your device.

Transfer Photos without Any Hassel

If you are an iPhone user, you might be aware of the celebrity treatment that your iPhone gets owing to its high-quality camera feature and thus, your phone’s storage ends up having tons of pictures in it. In this critical situation, the amazing feature of DearMob iPhone Manager could be your savior. It is the finest iPhone photo manager for all iPhone users.

It helps you to transfer iPhone photos to PC in a secure way from your iPhone or iPad to your computer or other iPhone without any effort.

It allows you to select and transfer multiple pictures or a complete album at a time.

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Sync Music Files, Audios and Videos

The most difficult task for any iPhone user is to transfer music files, audios, and videos, but DearMob iPhone Manager has completely resolved it for you.

You just have to select music files, audios, or videos and drag these into the Music manager window, then select Sync and all your distress will be relieved.

It syncs data at a faster pace. Moreover, if your phone does not support the video format, it also allows you to convert the file’s format too.

Convenient Backup and Restore

By providing the best interface, the app allows you to backup your entire data that you could restore again. You just need to tap the Backup Now option and it’ll be done within 10-20 minutes. The same goes out for the restoration process.

You could either fully backup/ restore and or selectively backup/ restore your desired data.

App Management

App management is super easy with this file manager. It organizes all the applications on your phone and you could uninstall any application within a few moments.

Content Management

It’s a hell of a task to organize photos, videos, bookmarks, and music on the iPhone and sync it with your computer, but with DearMob iPhone Manager, it is not a problem anymore. Any file uploaded in your iPhone is automatically converted into a format appropriate for your iPhone or iPad and could be synced as well.

It also provides support for automatic conversion of files into a compatible format.

Built-In Data Encryption

The App uses 256-bit AES, 1024-bit RSA, PBKDF2, and Argon2 encryption algorithms to ensure completely secure militarily level encryption potential. Owing to this tech feature, the photos, videos, contacts, and other files are password protected as well as the required files that you want to import from your iPhone to Mac are also automatically encrypted.

The facility of Importing Books and Files

Where the majority of the software just facilitates the import of photos and videos, this iPhone management software allows you to import e-books and PDF files conveniently by enabling the files’syncing with the desires devices.

Use Your iPhone As A Portable Flash Drive!

Carrying a pen drive daily is almost impossible. Considering it, this app manager offers you the feature to use your device as a flash drive via which you could transfer files, using a computer to any other device by your iPhone.

Super Fast Processing

The app’s lighting fast speed and stability make it superior among other similar management applications. You could move 100 items of 4k photos in just 8 seconds and more than 10,000 photos could be handled simultaneously without any technical glitch. Its GPU-accelerated video processing allows the transfer of up to 8K movies.

Final Verdict

It won’t be wrong to say that DearMob iPhone Manager is the best iPhone manager out there and an appropriate alternative to iTunes which is convenient to install and operate, owing to its simple interface. Every proceeding made with it is super fast, be it files management or backup/ restore, data encryption or media transfer, every process is completed quickly. Furthermore, it could be operated on both Windows and PC and so the users stay free from the inconvenience of iTunes transfer.

See the YouTube videos on how to backup and manage iPhone iPad with DearMob: