Story & characters

At the very beginning of the game, a player will learn about the main characters of the Desperados series. The game follows John and his adventurous group of outlaws. Every guy in the group has his own unique skills that help them on the road. John performs silent takedowns and has two guns; Doc McCoy is one badass doctor. In his inventory, you can find a highly-explosive ‘medical’ bag, pistol with the scope, perfect for long distances, and even chloroform.

You can play with five characters in total; The most interesting among them might be Isabelle, having mystic magic that allows her to control enemies, and even to take control of animals!

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Gameplay overview

You may find it annoying that you need to take your time to remember the guards’ routes, but trust me, it’s worth it. Knowing their routes will help you to catch the gap and the blind spots in order to perform the required action.

It might be quite a learning process at the beginning, but you’ll quickly get used to it. The gameplay relies on quick-saves and loads, which can be very useful because it will help you a lot in some tricky, challenging situations. This also means that you can test and try out a couple of new things before you proceed forward. Usually, the missions have you going from location X to location Y, often with an extra goal tossed in.

If you’re playing on regular difficulty, you can set up all the actions when you pause the game. After you cue up the instructions, simply unpause it and hit enter on your keyboard to enjoy your strategy unfolding.

Once you become competent in this game, things can become exciting. There’s still an option to program the actions; the hard part is that you can’t pause the game. Opponents are constantly moving, so it’s both very exciting and challenging to set up complex actions while playing under pressure, particularly when you’re trying to beat the clock as well.

To those who like challenges, there seems to be a lot of extra content with badges that reflect various tasks you could accomplish at the stage. In one mission, for example, you get the job to beat and win the mission without allowing you to use Kate’s disguise or just to kill the marked targets.

Different tactics and approaches

Moving quickly around the map can easily raise the alarm, dragging enemies from locations nearby. Trust me; it’s not that easy to just run away or kill them all – it’s not Grand Theft Auto 5. The best course of action is to focus on the stealth approach, without raising too many noises.

There’s another option, of course. Stealth and shadows are not the only way to play this game, but they are the easiest. But you should be aware; Once things start to go wrong in Desperados 3, they will become much worse in seconds.

Unexpectedly, a corpse will be found, or maybe somebody will spot it from the high ground. Either way, someone you who you haven’t taken into account for would see you, and all hell will break loose.

Once the alarm is triggered, enemy reinforcements will show up from the nearby camps, and you’ll be outgunned. Run, hide, or stay and fight. The battle is probably the toughest of 3 options, but you can win if you play smartly.

There’s never only one solution to the problem, which is what I like the most.

A few words at the end

Overall, the game seems to be very interesting. There are multiple ways of passing every mission, and it will all depend on how you think.

If you enjoy stealth games, you shouldn’t miss this one (I would get it on steam, you may be able to use the ‘steam refund’ option if you don’t like the game).

Don’t forget to save your progress every now and then while playing, and remember to enjoy every moment in the beautiful world of Desperados 3.