While you may feel like you don’t need a soul mate, it’s a very wonderful feeling to have someone that you can rely on, even in your worst times. This person is your romantic partner, your best friend, and your confidant! This is something that everyone needs in their life. Finding your soulmate and true love (rather than a passing fancy) is crucial, but most people lack the gumption needed to do so, no matter if it’s approaching a cute person at a bar or creating an account at online dating services. Of course, you’re not alone in this struggle—thousands of singles around the world continue looking for their “other half” every day, and since a lot of them are doing it online, you can use online dating sites to connect with people all around the world!

If singles from Korea interest you, then you have to understand their culture; that’s why below we’ll be going over five K-dramas you’ll just have to see to get a glimpse of how to meet and date a Korean person. But you might be wondering, is dating in Korea a lot different from dating in the States? Surprisingly, not really! Naturally, there are some quirks you’ll want to know about, but dating in South Korea generally follows the same process. Singles might meet each other through a mutual friend, on a flirting dating site, by a random encounter, or even someone you know & have a crush on! Online dating there is still a novelty, which is a plus – it is used only by the most progressive and open-minded singles, willing to find a partner from any part of the world and interested in exploring all the intricacies of modern relationships made online. PDAs such as kissing are generally frowned upon, but holding hands is a common sign of affection across South Korea. Couples’ lives are much more intricated than their Western counterparts, with constant instant messaging & celebrating various couples’ holidays simply being part of the experience!

Love in South Korea isn’t always simple, but it is passionate: once you watch the dramas below, you’ll see exactly what you’re missing!

Crash Landing on You

Fans of Korean dramas have heard of this one! As one of the most popular Korean romance dramas to date, “Crash Landing on You” tells the implausible story of a South Korean heiress, Ri Jeong-Hyeok, who crash lands in the North. While there, she meets a North Korean military officer with whom she begins to fall in love.

The extreme circumstances this love story is built on are what makes it so endearing to viewers worldwide. Watching their impossible love begin to blossom and grow will inspire you, making you realize that finding your soulmate is not impossible (despite the challenges!). “Crash Landing on You” will leave you longing for love like no other movie because of its beautiful themes and epic love story.

Descendants of the Sun

This war romance drama will touch your heart and inspire you to find true love or at least set you up on the path. Kang Mo-Yeon, a local doctor, has a brief encounter with a military officer, Yoo Si-Jin before they are both drafted into the army for a mission and sent overseas. While there, their love begins to grow and flourish, but a battlefield is a horrible place for love. A heartfelt drama, this movie will leave you crying for days after. The main characters fight for love, although their circumstances are sure to ignite a fire in your heart for love as well!

The Beauty Inside

This Korean drama puts a fantasy spin on the typical romance story. Meet Han Se-Gye, a model whose physical appearance changes every month. She meets Seo Do-Jae, an airline executive director with face blindness (which makes him unable to recognize or remember familiar faces). Finally meeting someone who doesn’t judge her based on her looks, Se-Gye begins to fall madly in love.

This is another heartfelt drama that will leave you in tears. Sometimes fantasy is the best way to inspire the need for romance. We can guarantee you’ll be searching for your soul mate the moment you finish this drama!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

This is one of the best Korean rom-com dramas you’ll find. Simple and funny, the story follows Kim Mi-so, a hard-working secretary who quits her job. Leo Young-Jeon, her boss (who’s a highly arrogant & proud man), finds himself wondering why she would ever want to stop working for someone as amazing and perfect as him.

This film is sure to leave you laughing and longing for the fun parts of love. Watching the main characters struggle, build up themselves, and fall in love along the way will leave you wishing you had a love of your life sitting right next to you.

Clean With Passion for Now

This feel-good drama takes on a more rom-com style love story. The lead character, Gil Oh-Sol, works at a cleaning company headed by a man named Jang Seon-Kyul, who has an obsessive cleaning disorder. Throughout this drama, you’ll watch their relationship grow and progress despite their differences. Their short arguments often mirror those of an actual relationship.

The smooth way they talk to each other and how they grow to love each other will leave you longing to find someone to share that relationship with. Unlike most Korean romance dramas (which often have very strong plots and serious issues), this one is softer and sure to leave you optimistic about finding your soulmate, Korean or otherwise.

Movies & TV shows have always had a way of uniting people, and all these movies are set to ignite your heart, leaving you longing for cinematic love stories.  Korean romance dramas, in particular, are known for being very heartwarming. They are complex, full of twists, turns, and unexpected complications, much like real life! Many people have an idea of who their “perfect partner” would be, but truthfully, their ideal option may be standing right in front of them or searching just as hard for them using online dating platforms. If anything, these Korean dramas teach us that love knows no boundaries, personal or regional, but people must be willing to fight if they want their romantic endeavors to succeed.

By watching these Korean dramas, you’re setting yourself up for a new romance and finding your soul mate. By learning the do’s (and don’ts) from watching cute couples endure for the sake of their love, you’ll no doubt be inspired to give it a try yourself. Fortunately, with all the online dating platforms available on the internet today, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find your perfect match (so start looking today!)