Let’s face it, there are many different dating sites out there. In fact, the average person has tried more than half a dozen during their online dating efforts. Thus, it is perfectly normal to want to learn a bit about a site before signing up. Don’t worry – I’ve taken the time to try out Flirt.com for you and will answer all your questions in this key review. Want to know the significant points of this Flirt.com review without reading it? I think it is a site that most people will see value in, and definitely recommend you try it out for a while.

An Overview of Flirt.com

When you look at modern dating sites, you tend to find one of two major approaches. On the one hand, you will have swipe-based sites like Bumble and Tinder. These are popular because they allow quick, convenient browsing that uses an algorithm to put potential matches in front of you. This type of format makes dating feel more like a game.

You also have the more traditional format. Here, you will see panels full of profiles, typically with a photo and username. You’ll scroll through and search through, clicking on one to get more information when you see someone you like. This format will be well-known with users of sites like Match.com and Plenty of Fish. It takes a longer time for searching but gives you complete control.

One of the biggest strengths of Flirt.com is that it provides users with both methods. You are initially deposited into the site with a large list of people to date near you, allowing you to scroll and click profiles. However, the website also allows you to switch over to a swiping-based mechanism so that you can quickly scroll through profiles. This gives users the best of both worlds.

Major Features of Flirt.com

There are a number of perks to joining Flirt.com. One is the sheer convenience. Signing up was a piece of cake, and I was able to complete a basic profile in only a few minutes, jumping right into scrolling and swiping. I could quickly see that there were a number of users close to me but wanted to filter more to my preferences.

Fortunately, searching on Flirt.com required only a few clicks. There were more search parameters available than most sites, allowing searching by age, eye color, hair color, ethnicity, body type, piercings, and a variety of other categories. You can also filter by members who are currently online if you’d like to engage in flirting right now. Additionally, you are able to list potential dates by popularity, distance, age, and how recently they were online. The search and filtering options far exceed many sites.

In creating a Flirt.com review, another thing that truly stood out was the interactive tips. I received a number of tips from the Site Admin bot about how to improve my profile and optimize it for more matches. Communicating on the app is great, even for non-paid members. You’re able to send five free daily messages, which can help you connect with other users.

One of the other benefits of Flirt.com was the activity. Since it is a fun place to chat and flirt, user interaction is pretty high. In fact, in less than a day, I received two messages, a handful of likes, and a few matches. It made it really easy to start flirting with other users.

Other Considerations

When thinking about dating sites, it is important to consider not just the positive features but also some of the limitations. While creating this Flirt.com review, I found many positives, but also a few things that aren’t ideal. I wanted to ensure to discuss these so you can get a full sense of what you’re getting if you sign up for Flirt.

First, it is important to recognize that Flirt.com is not a completely free site. With a lot of free sites like Tinder and Bumble out there, why would you use Flirt? I have three answers to this. First, you can try out Flirt.com without paying at all as you get five free messages each day. Additionally, the costs for Flirt are really low, making it easy to afford even for someone cost conscious like me. Finally, the interactions I received on Flirt were far better than on other websites. Thus, while cost is a limitation, I do feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Next, it is essential to note that Flirt.com does not have a dedicated app. While this may seem like a drawback at first, I am happy to report that their website is optimized for mobile quite well. In fact, I was able to use it easily on my iPhone. Navigation was fluid, and I could switch between the swipe-based Like Gallery and the main site easily. While a dedicated app would probably be more efficient, I was relatively impressed with how well it worked on mobile.

Ultimately, I’ve tried many dating sites over the years. While Flirt.com is not my all-time favorite, I did find myself incredibly impressed by it. It combines the best of both major styles of dating sites, giving users something for everyone. If there is one thing you take away from this Flirt.com review, it should be that Flirt has lots of ways to interact, which makes the experience more fun and seems to make users more chatty than other sites. Try it out today!