heads up poker tips

Heads up, poker involves more strategy and less luck. The sessions continue till one of the players goes broke. So, in this poker type, you put your entire bankroll at stake. Often, weak players are targeted first. And you certainly do not want to be targeted.

So here begins our list of poker tips that will help you when playing on Betway MW.

Be aggressive

When you are in a head-to-head poker battle, going on the offensive side is useless. You can’t anticipate the opponent’s moves to influence your moves. If you fold half of your hands, you will lose half of your money. In the long run, the aggressive player will stand longer even if they have equal skills.

2. Each hand is important!

The pros at Texas Hold ’em will always tell you that 2-7 holes are the worst cards a player can hold. And they have good, logical reasons backing this claim. As only two players play, the chances of an AA showing up are even lesser, especially if you already hold one A.

If you do a little math, you will realize the chances of the rival beating you are slimmer. At a full table, the same chances are nine times more. With so few hands dealt, the board does not connect to anything. This is why the face value of the cards becomes vital. The higher face value will gain you victory. Following this logic, 2-3 will be your lowest hand.

3. The winning Ace

In addition to the highest card, an Ace can increase your chances of winning by 52%! Since most of the games in heads-up poker are won by the highest card, having an ace is a cherry on top. A pocket pair is valuable. And having any pair puts you in a better position than any high cards.

The logic is simple; the opponent will call you when they have a confident hand and fold when they have trash. The stats are to make aggressive play easier for you without being reckless.

4. Intimidate the aggressive opponent by being more aggressive

heads up poker tips

By now, you must have realized that “being aggressive” is one of the most important tips you need to remember.

But do you deal with an aggressive opponent? By playing more aggressively. Being pushy against all their aggressive hands can sometimes work and help you gain control in the match. But other times, excessive aggression to gain control can affect your strategy.

If the opponent sees through this, they might push you whenever you try to get fake control.

Call frequently

Now, this is a bad strategy when you are playing at a full table. But heads up, poker is a different game and demands advanced strategies. You can win by calling if you can figure out the odds.

A genuine calling station is a player who does not get a read. Because of this, the player does not fold as they believe they will lose.

But you can use this strategy to your benefit. If you can read how strong your opponent’s hand is, you can act like a calling station. Make them believe you are a calling station when you have a stronger hand.

This approach should be applied when you have a stronger hand.

Make them believe that you are the weaker player

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“Underdog” will be a fancier word for this approach. When it comes to heads-up poker, it is more of a mind game. It is smarter and easier to throw your opponent off the track. Being unpredictable can work at a full table.

But you might need to apply some twisted strategy here. One of the best tips is to trick your opponent into thinking that you are a specific “type” of player and get them to play like you want them to.

Simply put, you trick them into playing how you want them to by setting up a false image of you. For instance, if you call frequently, the opponent will think they are the better player and loosen up.