Ever attempted to send a really large file to someone, only to get stuck due to the imposed file size limits? It’s not a pleasant feeling. Unfortunately, there are limitations on sending files via email, messaging apps, and social media platforms. Take Gmail, for example. Trying to email a bunch of your wedding videos or vacation photos to your family and friends may prove complicated since it only allows you to attach files of up to 25MB.

File transfer methods like FTP, VPNs, and compression also have many drawbacks. As the quality of your content continues to increase, thanks to sophisticated gadgets, you need to find a more reliable way of transferring large amounts of data. If you are old enough, then you might remember how a few years back, people relied on DVDs to share data. However, DVDs had capacity limits, and you had to break down the files and burn them separately. Plus, you had to have them delivered physically!

Thinking about the old methods now, it’s hard to imagine how we got past those inconveniences. Luckily, we live in a different world now, and things have changed for the better. So, how can you transfer a bunch of videos over the web hassle-free?

FileWhopper is the solution.

Take our case, for example. We wanted to share our wonderful wedding videos with our family and friends back home, but we hit a snag since the folder containing the videos was quite large, over 100GB in size. We considered various platforms, but most required that we commit to a monthly subscription. But we knew we would only share the files once, so why pay a subscription fee for a service you won’t use again?

We almost opted for saving the large folder to a hard disk and sending it by courier. But even this method proved to be challenging, especially during this pandemic period, where deliveries can be delayed for more than 4 weeks. Since we weren’t willing to wait that long, it wasn’t a viable option.

In the process of digging for the best alternative methods to share files, we stumbled upon FileWhopper. We were surprised by the easiness of the sharing process it offered, and we didn’t have to subscribe to any payment plans. We only paid a one-time fee of $17.99 for our 132GB folder! Which was quite affordable, if you ask me.

Plus, FileWhopper is safe, fast, and secure, and you get free data storage of up to 14 days.

That’s why we want to share the good news with you today. The interface is straightforward, with no unnecessary clutter. All you have to do is select the file or folder that you want to transfer over the internet, get an instant quotation, and make the payment. That’s it! You can proceed with the transfer.

So, without further ado, here’s the simple process that we followed:

  • First, you need to visit the official FileWhopper website.
  • You’ll see the option to choose the file or folder that you want to transfer. You can also get a free quotation using the price slider. It instantly calculates the price of the file transfer, depending on the size of the file or folder.
  • On the next screen, you will see all the details of your order. You can see the options to add extra services like additional storage days and additional downloads.
  • So, here’s what you need to know. FileWhopper gives you 14 days of storage from the moment you upload your file or folder. This allows your recipient to download the file or folder at their own pace. You also get one download by default, but you are free to order up to 5 additional downloads if you want to share the file/folder with more than one person.
  • After reviewing your order details and making sure that everything is perfect, proceed to check out and make the payment. Once you make the payment, the file name is replaced by a “Transfer ID”, which means that your file or folder is encrypted.
  • Now you are ready to commence the transfer. Click on the “Transfer” button to continue.
  • You will get a prompt to run the FileWhopper app to facilitate the transfer. Now, you must be wondering why you need to download a separate app. Well, keep in mind that you won’t be transferring your large file or folder via the browser for security reasons. With the FileWhopper app, your data is encrypted, and it lets you resume the file transfer if your computer shuts down unexpectedly or the internet drops out – something that your browser isn’t capable of. And one more thing, the app auto-generates a strong password that you get to share with the recipient, making the entire process more secure. But most importantly, the app utilizes multi-threaded data transfer technology to ensure faster downloads and uploads.
  • Now, after running the app, click the “Proceed with upload” button. Select the file/folder that you want to share. Please be sure to pick the same file or folder that you requested a quotation for earlier. Otherwise, the app won’t work.

  • Your file/folder will be prepared for uploading, and once it’s done, go ahead and copy the download link and password. You will need to send them to your recipient so that they can start downloading the data immediately while the upload is still proceeding.

You can see the progress of your upload and the download on the recipient’s side right from the app. The app also shows details like the transfer speed and the amount of data already sent. Some of you might be wondering how long it would take to transfer a large folder. Well, it depends on the speed of your internet connection; plus, you can pause and resume downloads as you wish from the app.

As you can see, that was no hassle at all. What makes FileWhopper even more worth it is the fact that the app auto-deletes itself once the transfer is complete. In case you are concerned about the security of your data, it only stays on FileWhopper’s servers for 14 days – unless you order additional days of storage. After that, it is deleted automatically.