sapto7 (CC0), Pixabay

It is easy to say how quickly technology has changed and changed us. But have you ever considered the development of technologies and how they were used in the past compared with the modern-day? That’s what we will be doing here as we look at the ways that technology kept us entertained in the 90s.

It wasn’t always Snapchat, Smart TVs, and Netflix…

1. We Started Texting

In 1994, Nokia brought out the first mobile device which was capable of sending text messages. In fact, the first text message was sent a few years earlier between two entrepreneurs on computer devices.

But Nokia changed the way we could quickly communicate with friends, family, and our new love interest.

2. We played Video Games

The 90s was also a golden period for video gaming with new consoles entering the market such as The Playstation and The Nintendo 64 console in 1996. These gaming consoles brought new and exciting games into our lives, such as Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spyro the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot.

Some of our favorite games of the 90s get remade today for modern video consoles. Some are even transformed into other types of games, such as online casino games. Did you know you can even play Street Fighter as a slot game now? Yes, the Street Fighter 2 slot is a big hit among modern slot gamers.

3. We Played with Novel Toys

Technology started being added to toys as well during the 90s. It was the first time we began hearing toys speak and respond to our actions. One of the most popular toys of this nature was Elmo, or “Tickle Me, Elmo”. Young children started to have higher expectations of the entertainment they could get from a toy, and It began the Furby boom!

4. We Watched DVDs

Another revolution of the 90s was the DVD player and DVDs. Instead of spending time rewinding videos to rewatch, we all bought these new DVD playing devices that saved us time and improved viewing quality.

It is strange to think that some younger people today would not know how to use a DVD or a DVD player.

5. We Cared for Our Tamagotchis

If you are a millennial and maybe even a boomer, there is a good chance your first pet wasn’t a dog, fish, or cat – but a Tamagotchi. This fad was a glimpse into the future of handheld gaming devices and was incredibly popular. Over 40 million of them were sold in one year.

They were one of the most responsible types of handheld gaming devices because they taught us how to look after another “being” by making sure it was fed, watered, and well-rested. They taught children about responsibility and were often thought of as suitable for children.

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