Do you have a flair for the written word? Think you have a novel or two in you? Maybe you’re looking to break into writing web content for a living. Regardless of the avenues you choose, technology is helping writers find their voices in new and exciting ways.

Do you have a thirst for writing on different topics? You could become a features journalist in your spare time. You could write content on plastic waste reduction efforts, popular casinos in Japan, the best ways to wear a tie – the choice is yours.

With imagination and a flair for writing in hand, it’s time to take a look at some great writing tech. But how can writers stand out from the pack with leading software innovations?

Creative Writer? Invest in Some Serious Software

If you’re heading towards that first big screenplay or novel, you’re going to need a lot of patience. While the movie scribes and authors of old may have just had a notebook and a pen to hand decades ago, you have access to some truly amazing software support.

Final Draft, for example, is leading screenwriting software. Break down scenes and character moments touch by touch. Keep track of who’s where and who’s doing what.

If you’re aiming to write the next Song of Ice and Fire, you should consider free online world-building tools. You could use, for example. This service allows you to build up a catalog of characters and plotlines. This way, you can keep track of character motivations, locations, and more.

Regardless of the medium, you write for, it’s always good to have some support. Online software is very useful in helping you keep track of complicated twists and turns in your tales.

Writing Online Content? Get Help From an Editor

By an editor, we don’t necessarily mean a human reader. If you’re interested in writing great content, you need to make sure it’s free from errors. What’s more, it needs to be engaging, unique, and genuine. You should never rely on Microsoft’s spellcheck alone!

That’s why many writers head towards services such as Grammarly. This online content editing service lets you type in real-time while it checks your grammar. Not only that, but it checks readability, too. That means that Grammarly will tell you if your writing is too complicated for your chosen audience.

That said, Microsoft has recently updated its Office suites to a new system – Microsoft 365. This includes the enhanced ‘Editor’ service. It’s a great example of how tech is helping budding writers. It offers much of what Grammarly supports, only built right into your word processor.

Should a Writer Rely on Technology Alone?

It’s probably not a great idea. After all, the vast majority of great writing comes from within. Don’t just expect your word processor to do everything for you!

Getting up and running as a writer online is easier than ever, thanks to technology advances. Why not take advantage of the best software out there?