At one time, DVDs were a new technology that eventually replaced VHS tapes. As with any new technology that arises, over time, it ultimately becomes replaced by newer technology. Streaming services are now the option that most people choose to watch movies. Nonetheless, you don’t necessarily have to throw away all of the old movies you still have. Here are some ways to digitize your DVDs, and still continue to watch your old videos anytime you want.

DVD Conversion Software

One way to digitize your DVDs is through DVD conversion software. The way that it works is you insert your DVD into your laptop. Once in there, you can use the software to convert your DVD into a raw video file. Look for the ISO file, and then choose your desired file output type.

One example of a desired file output type you could choose is your iPad. Once you’ve chosen the type, you desire, select Convert. The file may take an hour or more to finish converting. Once you have the file, you can sync it to your iTunes, and then be able to access it on your iPad, iPhone, or laptop. The same process can be done for Blu-Ray discs as well.

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DVD-to-MP4 Converter Software

The first option was about converting discs to Apple-friendly formats. If you want to convert your movies for viewing on smartphones, computers, and set-top boxes, you’ll need to use a DVD-to-MP4 converter app. It needs to be MP4 because it’s the format that most devices can recognize and playback without any problems. Similarly to the DVD Conversion Software method, look for the ISO file and copy it to your computer.

Once you’ve copied it, access the ISO file from the converter software and select the content you want to transfer. Bear in mind that the more of the content you choose, the larger the data will be. When in the software, make sure you select MP4 as the file format. After the conversation is complete, you can watch your movie on any device of your choice.

DVD Converters Available for Use

There are a few different DVD converters you can consider using to help you with the conversion process. HandBrake is a popular converter that allows you to rip DVDs, convert video files, and includes ready-made presets. It can be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Another converter you might consider using is Freemake Video Converter. It gives the option to rip whole DVDs or only parts of it.

Nonetheless, be aware that the latest version adds watermarks to ripped videos. This converter can be used on Windows. MakeMKV is useful if you’re looking for a converter that can work with Blu-ray discs. While there are few customization options, it’s one of the easier converters to use.

With most people watching movies and television shows on streaming services, DVDs have mostly taken up space in people’s homes. Digitizing options can be used to help you store your old DVDs and continue to watch them on any device. If you want to learn more about digitizing your DVDs, you can find out more information at this link.