We are sure that, like millions of players around the world, you also enjoy playing Nitro Circus and other slots for fun. No matter what kind of games you enjoy, you can be sure to find a slot machine suitable for you and try it out for free. Playing free slots will ensure you get an enjoyable casual gaming experience.

But as you know, you can play all free casino slot games for fun and real money as well. So, what do you need to know to win more (and bigger) if you choose this option? What are the things you need to pay attention to win money in both land-based and online slot games? Below, we are listing the most useful slot machine tips and answer all these questions.

Learn the Meaning of Payback Percentages

Let’s start with the basics first. Playing slots is actually an investment. You deposit a certain amount of money into the game and expect to receive a return on this investment. If you are lucky enough, you can win more than your investment. However, in case you are not that lucky, you should choose games that will make you lose as little as possible. Fortunately, this is not such a difficult task. You just need to learn the meaning of terms payback percentage and house edge.

The payback percentage, also known as return to player (RTP), determines how much of all deposits the slot can give back. If we give a simple example, you will understand better. Let’s say you play a slot with an RTP percentage of 97%. If you deposit 100 EUR/USD in such a game, the slot will give 97 EUR back in the long run. This percentage is theoretical and does not necessarily mean that every player will lose 3 percent of the deposits. But you can have an idea of how generous the slot is. When you play slots for fun, the RTP percentages are not important, but they become crucial when it comes to playing for real money.

House edge is the opposite. It shows how much the online casino will profit from your bets. The house edge of a game with an RTP of 97% is 3%. Just as in the example above, the casino operator will make a net profit of 3 EUR/USD for every 100 EUR/USD bet in such a game in the long run. Ideally, you should choose slots with high RTP and low house edge.

In general, we recommend that you do not play slot machines with RTP lower than 95%. For you to have an idea, we list the top 5 slots with the highest RTP percentages below:

Mega Joker (Netent)99.00%
Ooh Ahh Dracula (Barcrest)99.00%
1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick)98.60%
Jackpot 6000 (Netent)98.86%
The Catfather (Pragmatic)98.10%

Learn about Volatility Levels

Another slot machine strategy you can use is to check the volatility/variance levels before starting to play. These are terms that determine the size of the slot payouts and how often they occur. Generally, it can be said that there are two levels of volatility: low and high. Low volatility slots pay frequently, but the payout amounts are low. High volatility slots pay infrequently, but the payout amounts are large. Whichever you choose, your win/lose ratios will be very close in the long run.

However, the low/high volatility selection is a matter of concern to your budget. If you have a low bankroll, low volatility slots will be a better choice because you will start winning faster. However, if you do not have a budget problem, high volatility slots will provide you with a more enjoyable experience. In other words, you have to decide according to your budget when choosing.

Volatility levels are usually specified in pay tables. But if this information is not provided, look at the symbol payout amounts. If there is a huge difference between the numbers paid by 2 symbols and the 5 symbols, you are most likely playing a high volatility slot. Conversely, if the symbol payouts are close to each other, you are playing a low volatility slot game.

Progressive Slot Machines Are Not Your Friend

In addition to symbol payouts, jackpot slots have one more big prize that can be won. This prize is known simply as a jackpot and can be won at any time during the game. It is possible to say that there are two different slots according to the jackpot type:

  • Fixed jackpot: The amount of the big prize is fixed and does not change no matter how many games are played.
  • Progressive jackpot: In these games, the jackpot amount increases a little with every game played. So there is no fixed figure. Every game played and lost causes the jackpot to grow. Progressive jackpot slots can be played by tens of thousands of people simultaneously. The more popular a game is, the bigger the jackpot will be. The increase in the jackpot continues until someone wins and can sometimes reach millions. For example, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slot paid about 18 million Euros in 2015.

The problem is that the RTP value of progressive jackpot games is very low. It usually ranges from 86% to 92%. This means it will take longer to win than usual and will require a larger budget. The prize amount is large, but it is more difficult to win. This is due to the nature of progressive jackpots. Professional gamblers, therefore, avoid jackpot games, especially progressive ones, and see them as “tourist traps”. If you want to use your budget efficiently, you should do the same: opt for regular slots over jackpot games.

Choose Games That Suit Your Bankroll

Players generally believe that the higher the stakes, the bigger the payouts the game will make. This is true to some extent, but not for every game. Sometimes, even slots with low betting limits can pay out extremely satisfactory figures. The important thing here is to make a suitable choice for your budget.

For example, if you have a bankroll of only 100 EUR/USD, you can use them all in one game and get 10 spins. Or, you can choose to play 10 different slots and make 50 spins on each. As you can imagine, the second one is a much more logical option. Players with limited budgets should aim to be able to spin as much as possible with their money. Because every new spin means a new chance to win.

In this context, those who play with a limited bankroll should prefer penny slots. These, as the name suggests, are slots that can be played with a single penny. Online casinos offer a special category for them, and you can get both fun and profitable experience even with a low amount of money. In other words, if you have a small budget, choose penny machines, not slots with large betting limits. By doing so, you can use your budget in the most efficient way.

Use Casino Bonuses

If you want to play slots with real money, you need to take advantage of online casino bonuses. Online casinos hold many promotions for both new and existing members. These promotions ensure that you always get an advantage when chosen wisely. You can get a completely free bankroll or boost your current bankroll. There are also bonuses that allow you to simply win free spins. Let’s give some examples:

  • No deposit bonus: When you register to the online casino, free spins that you can use in a particular game are defined in your account automatically. As the name suggests, you do not need to make a deposit.
  • Welcome bonus: Your first deposit is matched by a certain rate, meaning you get a free bankroll. In addition, a certain number of free spins are defined in your account.
  • Reload bonus: You get free bankrolls + free spins every time you deposit.

In addition to all these, you can take advantage of many features, such as the loyalty program and tournaments that will give you more benefits. However, these bonuses need to have low wagering rates to be actually useful. These rates determine how much money you need to wager in order to unlock the bonus. For example, if you have a 100 EUR bonus with a 20x rate, you must first wager 2.000 EUR. Ideally, the wagering rate should not exceed 40x. You can find this rate (and more information about the bonus) in the bonus terms and conditions of use.

While there is no guaranteed way of winning in slot machines, these tips and tricks will increase your winning rate. Make sure to use them before starting to play online slots. And remember to have fun too. Slot machines promise not only wins but also endless fun.