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Online dating, like any innovation brought about by the internet, has now become ingrained in the culture of modern societies around the world. These days, it is quite common for couples to have met online. In the US alone, about two out of five couples met using some form of online dating app or platform. But despite the popularity of online dating, there are many concerns raised by individuals who use them – one of which is racial preference.

Interracial relationships are not taboo anymore, unlike in the old days. But somehow, race still factors in as a significant consideration when choosing a partner. In this article, we will take a closer look at whether or not it is socially acceptable to have a racial dating preference.

Attraction has nothing to do with race

Most people believe that finding a lifelong partner has nothing to do with race. But certain cultural norms and experiences still affect how a person views someone with a different racial background. And when it comes to dating, there is safety and comfort in knowing that you are with someone who understands the subtle nuances of your cultural identity.

In the case of Asian dating, for example, you will find many sites dedicated to connecting Asians from around the globe, as well as those who were born and raised in the US. The goal of these sites is to make online dating more about building relationships between individuals coming from a particular racial background while at the same time eliminating the common stereotype that Asia is the perfect place to find a mail order bride.

Indeed, the attraction is not a science, but rather a phenomenon affected by a variety of factors. Perhaps it is safe to say that while race should not be an issue, for many who are looking for a lasting relationship, dating within your race adds an aspect of familiarity that helps to overcome many of the complexities associated with meeting and building a connection with a potential partner.

Dating sites do not contribute to racial discrimination

The opinions on whether dating sites encourage racial discrimination are conflicting. For many, a dating site that excludes individuals coming from a specific racial background is indicative of discrimination. But for others, especially those who use these sites disagree.

What we need to understand is that dating is a complicated process. If you factor in the aspect of online anonymity, the odds are stacked higher and higher. The purpose of creating online dating sites that cater to a particular racial group is to narrow down your potential matches by eliminating one of the statistical variables.

And, since a person’s cultural background has a significant impact on their experiences and other preferences, it makes a lot of sense to provide the option of finding a dating match within the same group of people.

In conclusion, racial preferences in online dating sites do not mean a person automatically discriminates or excludes others. What these sites promote is safety, confidence, and a greater chance of finding someone with whom you share similar interests and goals.