If you are considering moving to Colorado, you might as well want to get yourself acquainted with some of the un-renowned traffic laws of the state. Attached below is a list of lesser-known Colorado traffic laws that you might miss out to make sure that you do not break any rule unintentionally and end up needing a Colorado traffic lawyer.

No Black Cars on Sunday

You read it right. If you happen to pass through the city of Denver on a Sunday by any chance, make sure you are not driving a black car. Driving a black car on a Sunday is officially illegal in this state.

Driving Up the Narrow Mountain Passages

If you are driving up the mountains which consist of steep and narrow roadways and you come face to face with a car driving downwards, then you have every right of driving through the passage first. In other words, it is illegal for the driver headed down the mountain to ask you for a way and has to yield to your right to drive first. Learning about this law will not only help you know your right to drive first but will also prevent you from breaking any law in situations where you are headed down and come across a car going uphill.

Do Not Use A Cell Phone While Driving Especially If You Are Under 18

While this rule should be applied to people of all ages, it is immensely important for you to know if you are under 18 years of age and want to drive a car. You must not even hold the cell phone in your hand. It does not matter whether you wanted to reject an incoming call or wanted to send a small text, once you have held a cell phone in your hand, it becomes a ticket-able offense.

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Ensure the Parking Distance

The minimum parking distance between your vehicle and the one which gets parked next to it must be 2ft. While there is nothing wrong with the requirement, what is interesting is the fact that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure this law is being followed. Yes! You are rightly surprised. While you have just parked your car and gone out to shop or do any task, it still is somehow your fault If the driver who came after parked his/her vehicle too close to yours and the person who will be fined in this instance but it would be YOU.

Do Not Slow Down the Traffic

This law entails that if you are trying to merge into the traffic and realize that you do so would result in slowing down the traffic then do not do so. Instead, wait until the traffic gets spread out a bit.

The Law of the Left Lane

You must stick to the right lane unless you are passing. In Colorado, driving in the left lane is only for faster-moving traffic. If your vehicle is being driven at a slower pace, then stick to the right lane or else it might result in i serious offense.

In addition to all of the above, tailgating is also one of the lesser-known offenses in the state Colorado. All of the above-mentioned scenarios yield ticket-able offenses. The best advice is to stay updated about the traffic laws of Colorado if you plan to move there or visit the state any time sooner while driving your own vehicle.