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Pandemic or not, the fact remains that many companies will still have staff in the office during the festive season. Work is always a priority, but there is a lull as your co-workers scroll through websites looking for last-minute gifting ideas.

Your company’s year-end function may have been canceled, but you can still help lighten your work colleagues’ mood by incorporating some socially distanced festive fun into the office. And for those employees who now work remotely, get them involved too.

So, go ahead and strike that perfect balance between productivity and fun with these great ideas.

5 Great Ways to Usher in Festive Fun

All Things Nicolas Cage

Wikipedia will never be the same again in the office, thanks to Clayburn’s Nicolas Cage chrome extension. The extension converts a Wikipedia article to speak about its true subject, that’s right, one Nicolas Cage.

Your data is safe, and the chrome extension is easy to install and remove. For some light-hearted fun, install it on a work colleague’s computer and watch their reaction to being ‘caged’.

Get Crafty

Nothing marks the start of the festive holiday season quite like a Christmas tree. Get your co-workers both in the office and working remotely to submit a home-made Christmas ornament for the office tree.

Make it into a competition where the finished products are displayed online and voted on by all. It’s a great way to start a festive season tradition for your company.

Virtual Secret Santa

No office would be complete without a Secret Santa. Recapture the festive fun by opening gifts together over Zoom. Gifts can be either physical or virtual presents such as online gift cards or internet subscriptions.

Plan ahead and give your colleagues the heads up on the amount to spend and the person the gift is intended for. Check out this guide on how to do a virtual Secret Santa for more ideas.

Holiday Fun Dress Up

Channel the holiday spirit by having all your co-workers to dress the part. It doesn’t need to be a full Santa costume, but a Santa hat, elf ears, or reindeer antlers will do the trick.

And for those workers who say ‘bah humbug’ to the festive season, ask them to invest in green Grinch hair. It will undoubtedly add a new twist to zoom meetings.

Gingerbread House Competition

Why not spice up work-life with a bit of healthy competition. Get all involved and host a gingerbread house competition.

The rules are simple in that every employee has to bake and ice their own gingerbread house. A panel of judges is selected, and each worker then presents their gingerbread creation via Zoom. The judges write down their scores on a piece of card and hold it up to the camera.

Not only is this interactive fun at its best, but it is also a great team-building exercise too.

Light-Hearted Humor Is Good for The Soul

With the right enthusiasm and a positive attitude, you can bring back some festive cheer this year into your office.

Light-hearted fun not only makes you smile and relieve workplace stress; it has also been scientifically proven that humor creates a better work environment. Now, what’s not to love about that?