Having an entrepreneur in your life is a blessing until it is their birthday or some other special day and you want to give them something worthwhile. You must think about a present that will help them perform better and feel good about themselves. But it is the pandemic year 2020, so we really need to get good things from online.

So here we present a list of unique gift ideas for ‘the entrepreneur’ in your life to help you out.

‘Aww, you Customized a Pin for me?!’

Do you know how each one of us wants to stand out in the crowd by having the most different of possessions? This one is then a very good idea for you. I once chose a custom lapel pin from Vivipins and my sister loved it. The pin had her and her company’s initials with the company’s logo as the base. Custom made gifts are always a way to show that extra effort to care.

You can try different ideas for these customized pins from Vivipins as I did. Whenever you need soft enamel pins, 3D casting pins, printed pins, or haft enamel pins, just select the type of the item, select fun things, upload the template. They’ll keep hold of the tricky part of the process.

Here’s a Planner for you!

Yes, there are plenty of online journals available but an entrepreneur always needs to arrange their plans to keep track of their schedule for better accountability and to deal with any urgent issues which becomes harder if there are online distractions constantly popping up.

You must try a hard cover-based planner for your entrepreneur friend which they will definitely love to keep. It must be small in size though to make it easier to carry around from office to home. There are online websites that offer the facility to have a hardcover planner designed and delivered at your doorstep.

“Is that my Business Card?”

Okay so this one might look like a cliche but it can’t be excluded from the list since our ambitious businessmen love to see that people recognize them as a company. It is good on both professional and emotional bases. Here, have a word from me: They would love you for the idea!

In 2020, everything is going digital but this cornerstone of the traditional workforce is still important. And if your entrepreneur already has their own cards outfitted, they may want a fresh collection for the New Year. Or maybe they would like some stamps, greeting cards, and flashcards to help promote their name far and wide.

Business cards are mainstream but once you give them a new touch, they will make the entrepreneurs feel at the top of the world. It just requires a little more insight, observation, and design to be unique.

For Bathroom Notes- Waterproof Pad!

Everybody agrees that the best ideas will not come to your office or to meetings, they will always emerge when you are taking a shower. We go to the bathroom and boom! It is a place where entrepreneurs can not have their cell, their laptop, or even a piece of paper with them because of the water.

And when they wash the shampoo out of their hair right away, they struggle to recall their thoughts to themselves hoping they won’t forget them then they shut off the tub, hop out from the shower, race through their house to pen it down then they might get them written but if you gift them a waterproof notepad, you can save them from many struggles. And they would be grateful to you for their entire life!

Customized Poster for Office Decor?

If you pay attention to the entrepreneurial offices you go to, you will notice that most of them have the posters to make their office look interesting. Since the posters are an evergreen gift for businessmen you can surely customize one for your entrepreneur friend as an award.

The posters don’t necessarily need to be extravagant and color-popping but yeah, they must suit the niche or the business of the person you are giving these posters as a present. You will love the happy look on their surprised faces and that is a guarantee.

What About A Start-Up Book?

If your entrepreneur is a newbie or he/she is thinking to step in the field then gifting them a start-up book is all they will really need. The newbie is scared of the discouragement and risks most times and that is why reading the motivating content or a guide will keep their heads up high and give them the firmness they require to excel their entrepreneurial abilities.

Gift them a Course!

This one is for the entrepreneur who has a learning spirit to be the best version of themselves at work. A goal-oriented individual is always seeking to learn something new so they can become a master at their task and this one will give them support to move forward.

You just have to look for the online course available, since its 2020, and register them by paying the charges. It will be like you invested in their future.

“Bluetooth Tile Changed my Life!”

Juggling a lot of things at one time is an entrepreneur thing and it certainly can be a rigamarole and that is exactly the reason behind listing this item here. Most of the time we forget to remember things down due to the hustle-bustle but if we put the Bluetooth tile on an item while putting them somewhere, it will make the ‘tracking down’ process easier to them. It is indeed a worthwhile present for a workaholic entrepreneur.

Fancy Hourglass on the Desk!

An hourglass is a sophisticated present that you can give to someone. It looks good sitting on the desk, it keeps the check of time well while minus the need to check your phone every now and then.

A Microphone is a Good Idea!

A microphone is a steal if you or an entrepreneur in your life need to record audio for podcasts, a blog, or something else they want to make. If you really want fantastic audio for an inexpensive price, a good microphone is a good option to start with.