Online scratch cards are a simple method of gambling. Unlike most gambling games, it does not require any form of skill. To play the game, punters only need to know how to peel off marks from a card.

Even though online Scratch Cards are the simplest gambling games to play, several gambling games also have straightforward gameplay. Read on to find out the types of Online Scratch cards and other exciting and straightforward gambling games that you can enjoy.

Online Scratch Card Types

The invention of online scratch cards came with the possibility of having variations. Before now, players just had cards with nine boxes that they had to scratch to reveal symbols or numbers. Now, the games come with variations in themes, stakes, and style of play.

Some of these variations in style include whether you use a coin or pen to reveal the symbols or in some cases, you could use a button. In some cases, the games come with added games or a fun activity to boost your earnings.

Whichever variants you come across, one thing is constant across all the games. That is the fact that you have to scratch card to win cash online. Here are some popular variations of online scratch card games.

  • Automated scratch cards: These are scratch card games where everything is done automatically. All you need is to set your bets and hit a button to have the symbols revealed. You can decide after that to continue or not.
  •  Bingo Scratch Cards: Here, punters have gameplay that is similar to that of Bingo. That is, they have to scratch a large grid to get a winning combination.
  • Licensed scratch cards: Sometimes, these games come with licensed themes from movies, comics or books. Such scratch card games are referred to as licensed.

Slot Machines 

Slots are about the most popular gambling games in online casinos. Just like scratch cards, their popularity comes from the fact that they are easy to play. More importantly, they allow players to win massively without serious strategies.

All a player needs is to find an online casino, place his bets, and press a virtual button that spins the reels.

Asides from simplicity, the two games are also similar in terms of gameplay. To win in slots, players must match some symbols just like they have to reveal characters in Scratch cards.

Just like in scratch cards, Slots come in different themes, and styles. That is so the game can be as fun as possible for all players. At the end of the game, the casino would award you your total earnings automatically.

Mini Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most accessible games you can play in an online casino. Even though it comes with some set of complicated rules, you can enjoy the game without knowing any of them. That’s because most of the rules in the game are for the dealer and not for you.

Baccarat has different types, and the difference lies in the size of the tables. In regular Baccarat, the table is bigger than what you have in most table games. There, you can decide to be a part of the dealing procedure. This could be very complicated mostly and unnecessary since you do not know the rules of the game.

Instead, you can play the mini-baccarat that has a table just the size of blackjack. The gameplay is the same actually. The only difference is, at the mini table, the dealer handles the whole thing. Just pick between the three available options and place your bets in the right circle.

Coverall Bingo

This is a variant of the popular Bingo game. Bingo is famously played for recreation in halls and churches, and it starts with buying a card or some cards. On each card, there are some sets of random numbers. The player would strike out every number on the card that matches the one announced by a caller in the game.

The coverall is a variant of the game. It typically takes longer, and it requires you to cover all numbers on your card. But then, their gameplay is very straightforward. Cover all the numbers, and you can shout Bingo!

Lottery Games 

When it comes to lottery games, the strategy is simple, pay, get a number, and wait to get lucky. In most big lotteries, tickets could be as expensive as $2 but with winning potentials of up to 100 million for players. To allow for fairness, lotteries have rules that must be adhered to strictly.

The problem with lotteries, however, is that the chances of winning with them are very slim—especially when the pool price is higher and the numbers are more. Also, you have to wait to see the results of your gambling. But you can avoid these problems by playing scratch-off tickets.

Unlike lottery games, they come at lower prices, and they give higher chances of winning. They also do not require a strategy or skill to win. On the flip side, their pool prize is usually minimal.

Auto Keno 

Keno is a gambling game that looks like a mix of Bingo and lottery games. Typically, the game gives you 80 numbers to pick from. Just like in the lottery, you will pick whichever one you feel the final number will be.

The Auto Keno variant, which is the online version, now allows you to pick the numbers automatically using AutoPlay.

So, all you need is to buy your ticket and wait for your turn to become lucky.