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Ardent players understand the indomitable role of proxies in streamlining and boosting the gaming experience. Every gamer will pay more to maximize their connection speeds and security. To increase game speeds, some go overboard and disable antivirus software, VPNs, and proxy servers. They do so in the hopes of maximizing performance and reducing software conflict issues. But these gamers are ignorant of the truth that proxies create secure and smooth gaming sessions.

How Do Proxies Boost Gaming?

Proxies add security layers to protect your online anonymity and network connections while improving network speed and performance. Gaming with friends across different countries is also made possible by proxy servers. Gamers have choices ranging from residential, data center, and mobile proxies, all designed to make your gaming experiences exceptional. They can reduce lag, enhance privacy, and speed up the loading of gaming apps and sites.

Reduce Lagging

An IP rotation service shortens the distance between the game server and the user’s computer. Rotating proxies pass traffic between your device and external web servers. They increase loading speeds while providing stable internet connections with reduced ping and latency issues.

Lag disrupts your gaming experience by affecting all inputs to the game. Additionally, a draggy connection negatively affects the rendering of the map in play. Even when connected to high-speed internet, you might experience latency problems. Proxy servers with unlimited bandwidth and superb uptimes can reduce these issues.

Support Smoother Multiplayer Gaming

High-end games have multiplayer modes to provide a more fun-centric experience. However, some game servers won’t accept connections from certain locations for various reasons. These restrictions can bar you from playing with friends or family in another jurisdiction. Proxy-Cheap is a newcomer in the world of proxy providers. Still, its products are able to bypass geo-restrictions in games, ensuring you can seamlessly connect and play with friends wherever you are.

But to enjoy multiplayer game modes, look for proxies from the right location. Consider residential or mobile proxies, which are great for overcoming IP bans, circumventing geo-restrictions, and providing smooth connections.

Provide Access to Limited-Edition Game Launches

Many game developers release downloadable content (DLC) in specific countries prior to the rest of the world. It’s normal to find some version updates, characters, and skills only available to gamers in certain regions. Competitive gamers place very high importance on accessing these components after release. Early access provides opportunities for players to familiarize themselves with the updated gameplay before anyone else.

But developers vary the release schedules for DLC in different regions. Most updates reach countries like Japan first. It’s not surprising that gamers in this East Asian country access upgraded move-sets, new characters, armor, and weapons several months before players in other countries. To access upgrades on time, gamers must use high-quality proxies from countries with early releases.

Elevate Automation With Gaming Bots

MMORPGs are getting increasingly popular among players as they provide a chance for them to build their own fictional world. Creating a country, city, park, or anything else from scratch using available supplies promises a high level of enjoyment. The fun part of multiplayer online RPGs is that you control your world and can decide what to add to it. Unfortunately, the creation of such fictional worlds is complex and can take hours (or even months) of gaming.

Competitive gamers use botting systems to make the process faster and jump over the levels. Bots can perform mundane, repetitive tasks, enabling you to achieve your goals quickly. However, they produce extremely high traffic within a short time, which often appears suspicious and could lead to being blocked by gaming systems. To avoid such risks and enjoy seamless gaming, use proxies alongside bots for leveling up.


Hacking games with bots is prohibited by some developers and can trigger various problems. However, accessing geo-blocked games with proxy servers is not unlawful and is a practice gamers have practiced for years. Proxy servers that provide good bandwidth and high uptime to support smoother gaming experiences are the real deal for gamers.

Check how reputable a proxy provider is among gamers. You can refer to sites such as Trustpilot and Reviews.io. That will tell you whether you can depend on it to game on a whole new level.