Red Dead Redemption II

A year ago, developers released the long-awaited game Red Dead Redemption II. But, unfortunately, it was available only to console users. Numerous gamers who prefer PCs are left out of work. But still, developers simply could not miss such a large audience and fail their expectations. And so, in November 2019, the release of the game on computers was planned.

According to the creators, they tried hard to make PC’s release quite different from console one to fire an interest among players. First of all, it concerns the technical aspect, but in the scenario, a weapon available and some other features changes are considerable. For example, only on PC, you can get into the gang camp or take part in missions with headhunters.

Previous orders for Red Dead Redemption 2 are accepted through the official launcher of the developing studio from October 9 – buying it each player will receive prizes. Those who managed to pre-order before October 22 got the opportunity to purchase the Premium Edition at the price of the usual game and choose two studio games as a gift.

Following Rockstar, sales were opened by other aggregators of game content – EGS, Humble, and Steam. At last, sales opened on December 5th.

But not everything went as smoothly as the developers would like. The cowboy action that the players had been waiting for so long was unfinished. The first owners of the game realized that launching it without problems would not work: for many, after downloading the release and installing the launcher, the game was unable to initialize the video card, and for some, it was launched with critical errors when playing videos. As it turned out, most standard video cards of even the latest generation were not powerful enough for the game.

The most powerful graphics card RTX 2080 is not able to “stretch” more than 60 frames per second in 4K resolution while playing that western. Also, Red Dead Redemption 2 suffered from a number of “damned” errors, most of which have already been “cured”.

However, those who were able to run it on their computers and laptops were satisfied with the purchase: according to them, this game is akin to winning on the best winning bingo sites. Excitement, interest, delight – all this is exactly about Red Dead Redemption II.

It is an open-world western from Rockstar Games. The game takes place in 1899 in the Wild West, on the territory of several fictitious states of the United States. The plot of the game tells about Arthur Morgan, one of the members of the Dutch gang Van der Linde. After an unsuccessful robbery of a ferry, bandits are forced to hide in the wilderness from federal agents and bounty hunters.

In addition to the storyline campaign, Red Dead Redemption 2 has many interesting side missions and activities for the player, including shootings, robberies, hunting wild animals and horse racing or even shaving or butchering hunted pray. Incredibly smart and interesting game, in which the plot is at the forefront even in side missions. The world around is saturated with events just enough not to let you get bored and so that you yourself decide where you want to look and where not.

However, most of these events are unique and occur only once, and some even have a very logical continuation. It is pleasant to communicate with partners, they are really living people, and when they die in the course of the plot you feel regret for their loss. For 40-50 hours you really perceive the gang as a family. The robberies here are set perfectly, by the way, exactly as if they looked in those years and nothing else. Unexpected turns meet you in each chapter, and although the end is predictable, you are still amazed at the decisions that the scriptwriters made.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was praised by both critics and gamers. Already in the first weeks of the game bought more than 17 million users.