Stains on the car glass, especially on the windscreen, are not just a matter of aesthetics. Any impurities on the glass can significantly reduce the visibility of the road and affect the safety of the driver and passengers.
If you are wondering how to keep your car’s windscreen and windows clean, this article will give you some valuable suggestions.

Preliminary cleaning

Before you start treating stubborn stains with any specialised products, you should thoroughly wash the entire windscreen. The best approach would be to do this by hand, as dirt accumulates in the brushes of automatic car washes, which can scratch the windows.

You can use car shampoo, pre-wash foam, and a sponge or a special detailing glove for this step.

Application of abrasive agents

Now that your car glass is ready for the removal of stubborn stains, you can use special agents such as Soft99 Glaco Compound Roll On or Glass Compound Z. These two have advanced formulations that contain cerium oxide, making them especially effective at cleaning the glass of dirt, washer fluid residue, and old coatings, as well as filling in microscopic scratches on the surface. These agents effectively degrease the glass, preparing it for the bonding process with the Glaco hydrophobic coating.

Glaco Compound Roll On has an integrated applicator, while you will need a separate foam applicator to apply Glass Compound Z.

It is highly recommended to avoid excessive pressure when applying abrasive agents to the windscreen. It is most efficient to perform small circular motions when washing the windscreen.

Remove abrasive cleaners after you have applied them to the entire windscreen, preferably by washing the glass under pressure. Be especially careful with windscreen wipers, plastics, or your vehicle’s paint. If an abrasive agent comes in contact with these elements, rinse it off immediately with water and a clean microfibre cloth.

Protective measures

Although it is not always possible, you can minimise the contamination of your car windows. First of all, a proper parking space can help keep your car’s windows and windscreen cleaner. Just avoid parking your car under trees where your vehicle will be exposed to even more wet leaves, fruits, insects, and bird faeces.

Secondly, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and less debris will hit the windscreen.

Finally, regularly check the condition of the windscreen wipers and washer fluid.

In addition, consider using protective coatings like Glaco from Soft99, which can repel water and dirt, saving you lots of time on cleaning in the future.

For more, visit the Soft99 website:

Bottom line

Cleaning stubborn stains on car windscreens and windows requires prior manual cleaning and the use of abrasive products. Advanced formulations with cerium oxide not only wash the glass but also fill small scratches. Depending on the condition of the stains, you may need to repeat this routine for better results. Seek help from a detailing specialist if poor visibility persists.

Meanwhile, avoid parking under trees and apply protective coatings to reduce the number of stains on your car’s glass.