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Whether it’s the sign for open hung on your entrance or the LED advertising signs on your window, your business relies a lot on signage to let passersby know when you are open or closed, what you offer, and if you have any promotions or deals to drive up sales. LED signs rely on technology to work, and as you are probably aware, these can malfunction and affect their smooth operation. Aside from that, these digital signs require cleaning, repair, and sometimes even complete replacement. Green Light Innovations is a professional LED signs repair and replacement company with more than 25 years of experience in helping businesses to stand out with brighter and clearer signs. Here are hints that you need your sign repaired.

The Foundation is Faulty

Whether you use traditional signage or an LED message board, the foundation on which it sits is important. If the foundation is not robust enough to support the sign weight, chances are that you could wind up with a dangerous situation and a mess on your hands. Water pr dirt at the base of your signage could make the foundation to start eroding. Using a sign clearer could help in removing dirt, debris, and stagnant water. Another tip is to install a trench or drain to lead water away from your signage.

The Sign Uses Neon

Neon signs are quite different from traditional signage or LED signs. For your own safety, you need to hire an expert to repair and clean your neon signs from time to time. A professional neon signs company like Green Light Innovations will know how to fix burned out sections while not compromising the other parts of the signage. Remember that when it comes to neon signs, it’s always recommended to leave them on throughout when not repairing or cleaning them. Switching them on and off every day leads to more wear and tear on your signs and could easily lead to more expenses on repairing them.

The Sign is Dirty

Another reason you want to call a professional sign installation company is when your sign becomes dirty. A dirty sign is the most unprofessional thing about your business. Also, dirt does not just affect the exterior of your LED advertising signs. Your signage usually contains holes for preventing water from collecting inside it to avert electrical outages. Insects, leaves, and dust can get inside the holes and cause them to block. This means water won’t be able to pass through. Hiring electric sign cleaners is the best way to remove dirt and debris from the interior of signs safely and efficiently. They will also repair any faulty areas during this time. It’s best to carry out a regular inspection to ensure that your signage is clean not only inside but also outside.

Your Sign is Old

You might do all the cleaning to your sign and repair it for any number of times but one thing is for sure. One day, it’s going to be a tad bit too old to have around. And when that happens, it won’t effectively keep people excited about your business. Consumers prefer shiny and new things, and this also extends to your LED sign for open. People are more likely to take note of a new sign than an old one. Also, a shiny sign has more chances of bringing in new business as it grabs the attention of passersby who didn’t notice your establishment before. Contact GreenLight Innovations to help you choose a LED sign that not only meets your budget but also makes your business stand out from the competition.

Lights Burning Out

It’s an all too familiar sight. The right bulb blows out and, suddenly a store name becomes a funny-sounding word. They say smart people learn from the mistakes of others and so you shouldn’t allow your business to become the laughing stock of Instagrammers. You should call an expert at sign repair and cleaning even where only one bulb has blown out. You don’t want to risk looking unprofessional with a sign that has darkened spots. Also, one bulb blowing out usually means that others are close to doing so. It is the best idea to fix the sign immediately you notice blown out or dimmer bulbs. This ensures your establishment will maintain a professional image at all times.

Your Sign is Too High

Before you consider DIY sign repair, you need to first determine how high the sign is in the air. If that sign for open is placed above your business entrance, attempting to repair it by yourself could be extremely dangerous. It doesn’t matter even if you have some electrical knowledge. It could be that you have a pylon sign very high in the sky. In this case, you have no option but to hire a professional. This is because no matter how much you try to brave it, no ladder will be tall enough to reach that high.

Pylon sign poles must have a robust foundation. Also, the signs are exposed to the sun and stand out throughout the inclement weather. A professional sign repair company is your best option because these people have the professional tools required to repair the bulbs, clean the pylon signs, or even entirely replace the sign as this ensures your business will continue being inviting.


Always insist on a sign company that is professional, licensed, insured, and experienced. The company you decide to work with should show demonstrable knowledge in neon, LED, and a variety of other digital signs to cover all your bases.

If you are looking for a sign company produces signs that make you stand out from the competition, then check out Green Light Innovations. Experienced and professional, we offer neon and LED sign replacement, repair, and cleaning. And we deal in all types of signs whether you want a simple sign for open or an outdoor LED sign. Go to today to speak to one of our engineers on how to transform your business using brighter and bigger signs.