vinsky2002 (CC0), Pixabay

Anime, which originates from Japan, is now popular on a global scale. Its influence stretches beyond TV shows, with multiple areas of entertainment now embracing the anime trend. Gaming is one of these areas, and there have been some fantastic titles over the years carrying the trademark theme and style. So, without further or do, we present a list of the must-play anime titles.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

Before you dive into the action of this fantastic all-action fighting game, you should educate yourself by watching the TV series. Then, you will enjoy this Bandai Namco release in a whole new way. Available to play on PC, those at the control must fight their way through an immersive story mode which takes on average twelve hours to master. Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 takes all the good from its predecessor and delivers engaging objectives, side missions, and an opportunity to collect essential items.

Geshin Impact

As a free to play title, you will struggle to find anything as good as Geshin Impact. Visually, the game is clean, and there’s a story that players will buy into from the get-go. It’s these combinations which see anime’s influence spread into other surprising areas, such as slots games at online casinos. The was Geshin Impact plays out is akin to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it’s easy to see why the links are there. It’s anime at it’s best, with players capable of being lost in the imaginary world the developers present for hours at a time. The longevity of this title, in particular, is excellent.


Closers is another free-to-play title and one which is fantastic for those who enjoy gaming with friends. The action starts when players get the opportunity to customize their avatar and to create a narrative for themselves. Then, together alongside friends, the challenge is to ensure aliens don’t take over the world. The combat style brought to the table by developers En Masse Entertainment can be described as button-bashing madness, making it incredibly fun for gamers. Combining anime and action works a treat, and adding co-op mode lifts everything to another level.

Tales of Symphonia

Some gamers may recognize Tales of Symphonia when it began life on PC. In 2016, the title made its presence felt on PC, and quickly gained iconic status and a significant cult following. The game takes place in Sylvarant, and tasks players with saving the world from the evil which is threatening to take over. It’s a story that works, and it works well. There are multiple installments of the title too, so there is often something new to go at for players. Being able to hone combat skills for use in the battle system, amongst other things, adds to the excitement and is one of the many reasons why the title remains popular with so many players.