With online casinos having recently witnessed huge growth, We’ve taken a look at the top trends in online casinos in 2020 and listed them below.

Within an incredibly short time, there’s been a massive rise in the igaming sector, making it one of the most popular game verticals in the globe. The popularity of gaming platforms, new slots sites and online casinos has increased more than ever done before, and the industry is benefiting from a lot of technological evolution and innovation.

The industry is one that will keep advancing, thanks to its nature. This may be caused by the churning out of more innovative and engaging titles, alterations in the regulations that are guiding gaming or integration in new technologies. The online casino industry is currently growing into a multi-billion dollar one, and the key trends that are driving and shaping this growth are explained below.

Blockchain Casinos

Though most of the leading online casinos prefer to go with e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and other conventional payment methods, there’s been an emergence of several dedicated Bitcoin and crypto online casinos in 2020. The advantages and potentials of the crypto and blockchain technology have been embraced by the gaming industry, so these technologies and online casino gaming have gone into a relationship that looks very promising.

As the new crop of online casinos that are gracing the market continue to accept payments with cryptocurrencies like litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoin, account owners enjoy more variety when it comes to payment methods, and this will increase the appeal of online casinos.

The demand for online casino sites developed on the open ledger decentralized platforms like the blockchain technology is also increasing. Both the industry and the consumers will enjoy the benefits of this technology and it will ensure anonymity, transparency, and boost the processing speed for transactions.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Talking about advanced technology, both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are beginning to take a central place in the gaming industry. VR is actually making faster and deeper inroads into all of the online gaming industry.

Augmented Reality makes the gaming environment more advanced by blending special effects and images with the gameplay, as made popular by the game Pokémon go. The meaning of this for online casino games is increased immersion, possible 360-degree views of the gaming environment, and an increase in the possible social interaction between players.

VR is more advanced than AR and offers more extensive immersion capabilities. There are already some VR poker games on some gaming platforms, and they can be played on streaming platforms like Steam for the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The benefit of VR is not only to enhance the gaming environment, but the tech also develops an entirely new gaming environment for the player and that places it in pole position to bring in the huge transformation to the gaming industry. The only loophole here is that the VR hardware is not easily affordable. So, a big part of the gaming audience cannot afford it for now.

Mobile Casinos

As far as gaming in 2020 is concerned, mobile gaming has been the center of the show. The medium has grown very popular, with more people using mobile smartphones and other mobile devices now than ever before. While the classic game titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile grew in popularity, an increase in the use of mobile apps was also witnessed.

Online casino gaming benefits so much from the mobile medium, because it gives players the chance to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay no matter the location. Currently, it’s difficult to find a leading casino platform without at least one iOS or Android app for mobile gaming. For many years now, this trend has been growing, but with the increase in the penetration and proliferation of smartphones across the globe, it’s about hitting its highest point.

Live Dealer Games

Although gamers of today enjoy playing high speed and high tech game variants that you can only enjoy in the virtual world, most of the gamers are embracing the live dealer titles in their preferred casinos. In the live dealer games, the appeal and atmosphere of the land-based casinos are blended with the online experience, and this gives players the opportunity to enjoy the same incredible live dealer experiences in poker, blackjack, and roulette games in Las Vegas and other gaming centers of the world, from the comfort of their homes anywhere in the world.

When the gaming industry started hitting the mainstream at the initial stage, the popularity of live dealer games tanked because of the launch of more innovative titles. However, the vertical is turning into a strong trend in the current year, and we may be seeing the integration of advanced tech like VR into live dealer games to offer a more innovative experience.