The invention of the internet has had a lot of impact on how we do things. It has also influenced the gambling industry at large. Gambling dates back centuries ago, while online gambling only became accepted in the mid-90s’ shortly after the advent of the internet. Since its inception, online gambling has consistently been on the map and widely accepted by punters. It is safe to say you can find the best online pokies in the best online casino to win money and slot casinos today.

But how did it all start? This article will enlighten you on how the online gambling industry came into existence and discuss the impact companies have played in the industry’s growth.

The Origin of Online Gambling

One main occasion that marked the beginning of online gambling was when the island nation of Barbuda and Antigua passed its Free Trade and Processing Act in 1994. The significance of this act was that it made it possible for this small Caribbean nation to give out licenses to companies that wanted to explore gambling on the internet. The famous casino software developer, Microgaming, was established that same year, and the first online casino game was created. However, the gaming club didn’t operate until 1995.

As technology keeps advancing, the online gambling industry also keeps adopting innovations. The number of online casinos started growing massively by 1997, and there were more than 100 online casinos on the internet. And the revenue made from online gambling across the world reached $1 billion that same year. From there on, the industry kept growing exponentially.

The Path-Breaker Gambling Sites

Today, the internet is saturated with gambling sites, and it is almost impossible to count them all, and it is as important as Dfinity ICP. Most of these gambling sites are newbies without any experience in the industry. Surviving in such a competitive environment can be challenging. Several gambling sites were in operation for a few years before folding because of the stiff competition in the industry. Yet, there are gambling sites that have been in existence for decades.

Below are the gambling sites that have been in existence since the early days of the online gambling industry:

  1. 888 Casino
  2. Poker Stars
  3. Party Poker
  4. Betfair
  5. William Hill Casino

About iGaming Software Providers

The iGaming software providers are the brainbox behind game inventions. They are the reason why punters can easily play their favorite casino games. Every online casino site has game providers that help with game creation. At the same time, some online casinos have an in-house software developer; most online casinos source their games from companies that provide that service. These companies are responsible for the hard work behind the success of the modern gaming industry.

If you are attentive, you will realize some casino games are recurring at different online casino sites. Some of these software providers are highly regarded and have been in existence for several years. Below are notable online casino software developers that significantly impacted the online gambling industry history.

  1. Playtech
  2. RealTime Gaming
  3. NetEnt
  4. Microgaming

The Journey of Online Casinos to the Present

If you are to compare the current looks and functions of online casinos now with what it was like in the 90s, you will probably be dumbfounded. Back then, the gaming options were limited and not as intuitive as today. However, it was perceived as cutting edge due to the type of technology available then. But as the market grew and more companies joined the bandwagon, the competition to be at the top spearheaded the improvement we see today. Casino software developers started exploring technology to invent more exciting and unique games.

Today, the best online pokies, bookies, and casino sites are a major part of the gambling scene. The overall quality of online gaming is constantly improving, with new features frequently being rolled out. And online casinos have one main target; to attract customers to join their platform and keep them glued. To actualize this, they started offering massive bonuses, promotional offers, and attractive loyalty schemes. These companies could capitalize on the competition to gain more ground and make huge profits.

Gambling Laws: Then Vs. Now

From the beginning, online gambling laws and easy gambling jurisdictions in many countries have been highly ambiguous. Whereas in some countries like Qatar and U.A.E, it is illegal to gamble both on land-based and online gambling sites. But in some European nations like Denmark and the U.K., it is legal to participate in gambling.

It is rare to find any gambling provider that targets Canadians as the potential customer of any online gambling products. However, gambling laws are still in the grey areas for residents in Canada, which means it is not entirely illegal to gamble online. The irony is that Canadian land-based casinos can only have their companies outside the country where gambling is accepted.

The Future оf Online Gambling

Aside from the several options you have when choosing an online gambling site, there are other things punters today didn’t have a couple of decades ago. Although casino providers only recently introduced live casinos, punters love the additional features. Also, today many online gambling sites offer impressive bonuses to new and existing customers. And with the stricter verification processes, in-play betting for sports betting and casino games are now safer than they used to be. The games are running smoothly without any glitches.

Although online gambling is growing immensely, there is still room for several upgrades and developments. As long as there is technological innovation, the online casino industry will have something to leverage for creating exciting and unique games for punters.

With the rate at which the online gambling industry is growing, we can still expect more innovation in this industry. In the past decades, there have been highs and lows in the online gambling industry, and some countries are legalizing it already. There are too many benefits online gambling sites have over traditional venues to ignore. The standard of online gambling sites is higher than ever, and players have the chance to play outstanding games and win real money.