The number of stock photography websites available online is increasing day by day. Part of this increase can be attributed to the fact that the world has gone digital and businesses now, more than ever, need to represent them online. Thus, they resolve to use resources of stock photography websites such as Depositphotos, in hopes of finding creative and unique professional-quality photos. However, using the content hosted on stock photography does not come for free and consists of guidelines of its own.

How To Use Content From a Stock Photography Website?

In order to use content hosted on Stock Photography websites, users need to sign up with them. Some websites offer sign up discounts while others do not. In both cases, users need to create an account and sign up for a package plan. This plan asks users to pay a certain amount and earn the right to use somebody else’s created content in permissible ways.

The amount of users pay is the fee of purchasing the ‘right to use’ the content uploaded on the platform. It does not mean that the users have been granted the ‘right to ownership’ of the content. The ownership rights belong to the contributor who created this content for the said website and this person receives royalty paid by the website itself each time their content is used by someone. Therefore, the popular sentence that ‘stock photography websites offer royalty-free photos and other content’, denotes the fact that users are exempt from paying the royalty. However, they are not exempt from paying the one-off service charges which help them acquire the right to use somebody else’s content.

It is important to note here that each stock photography website can have a different set of guidelines about how its content can be used and how and where it must not be used. Users must read the rules, regulations and terms and conditions carefully before signing up. Some of the most notable stock photography websites are:

  • BigStock
  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock
  • 123 RF
  • Crestock
  • Stock Photo Secrets
  • Alamy
  • Stocksy
  • Adobe Stock
  • Dreamstime
  • Fotolia

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The Importance of Stock Photography Websites

Stock photography websites can be used to discover, purchase and edit royalty-free images from any device the user is using. Using images from stock photography websites is quite an economical option for most business and marketing professionals.

It also benefits other users, such as small businesses with a limited budget, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and artists, freelancers setting up their blog or websites and all those who are working on a deadline and need of immediate supply of good quality photos.

Not just photos, many stock photography websites have content like video, illustrations, vector images and music clips which can come in handy depending on the type of project the user is working on. Using photos from stock photography websites also benefits the ones who create them.

Under royalty-free licensing, creators retain the ownership rights of their content and receive a small sum of money called royalty from the website every single time their content is used. This allows earning opportunities for many talented freelance photographers. Such platforms also allow newbie photographers to test waters of this industry and upgrade their skills accordingly.

To sum up, stock photography websites hold a lot of importance for users who want cost-efficient, time-saving, hassle-free, high resolution, good quality and legal solutions to their photography, music, video clips, illustration, and vector image needs.


Given the fact that using content from stock photography websites after paying a minimal subscription fee allows everyone accesses to great content without wasting any time, money and resources, it is evident why there are so many new ventures in the field of stock photography.

Using a stock photography website really saves the day for people working on a low budget and tight schedule and allows them to select the images of their choice with just a click. Subscribing to a stock photography website is a wise decision to meet the requirements of our fast-paced lives. It saves the financial and managerial burdens of hiring a real-life photographer and getting him to produce the content as per your requirement on time.