We often find that the entertainment industry is one that switches up every decade or so. Read what the 2020 entertainment trends will be inside.

Entertainment is a pretty catch-all term, but in this article, I’m just going to look at media consumption and engagement that typically happens with an active Internet connection. Sure, books are a part of the overall package, but what I want to hone in on is what consumers will be doing with their time online over the coming weeks and months.

After crunching the data, I believe I have a decent overview of the trends that we’re likely to see and a few tips for taking full advantage of the switch. If you’re someone that knows how to take advantage of markets changing, the information I’ve got here could be some of the most useful you come across! So, without further ado, let’s break down the 2020 trends you need to know about.

Video Games

Although already insanely popular, the video game industry has been expanding at a rapid rate for the last few decades. There are now more gamers than ever, and as advertising trends shift, we’re starting to see publishers focus quite a bit more on attracting female attention.

I’m confident that growth in the video game sector will be primarily fueled by completely new customers: women have been historically underrepresented here, even though younger ladies typically have higher levels of non-essential expenditure. It might be too soon to say that they’re going to give up handbags for Halo, but if you’re looking for an area where the market will really look to penetrate, female accessibility and participation is likely the next big thing in entertainment trends.

Uptake of VR devices is also reaching levels where larger companies might start investing more into the technology. The problem with virtual reality is that it suffers from a consumer demand issue, but that in itself is likely influenced by a lack of AAA games that can utilize VR technology.

While it’s still far away from being perfect, the data suggests that more VR devices will be sold in 2020 than any other year. Perhaps you can look to make a female-focused virtual reality title and kill two birds with one stone? I know that it’s a big pitch to investors, but it might just pay off in the long term if you’re lucky!

Live Streams

This ties in quite heavily with video games, but platforms such as Twitch and Mixer may become staple locations for fun – especially to those younger people who are much more likely to adopt fresh ways of enjoying themselves. Apex Legends is a good example of a game that has seen a lot of success in its overall active player base entirely because of big-ticket names streaming the title on Twitch.tv.

Maxi Miceli breaks it all down in this article over on Dot Esports – well worth a read if you want to know how publishers are interacting with platforms and offering streamers plenty of incentives for playing their titles. Apex Legends is far from being the most played title out there for live streamers, but you don’t need to be in the top spots these days to enjoy success!

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The highly interactive nature of streams is what drives a lot of consumer demand – as does a focus on the very best players from their titles of choice. There’s likely to be a surge in levels of interactivity from variety streamers and a bigger focus on providing a quality, comedic experience for the end-user.

Sure, some people stream on Twitch for different reasons, but most folks are going there to watch people play games and have a laugh while doing so. It’ll be interesting to see how Mixer holds up and additionally, YouTube. Data from the fourth quarter of 2019 paints an interesting picture for the future of Twitch, which saw a huge decline in the number of hours watched from 2,551 million to 2,299. YouTube saw a huge increase from 675 to 909 in the same time period, which I’m sure Alphabet is more than happy with!

Adult Content

Yes, I know that plenty of folks out there might question this inclusion, but it’s a simple fact of life that many people are always on the Internet looking for top-quality adult entertainment. Whether it’s watching the latest videos on PH or checking out the best sex dating sites, you’re always going to find consumer demand for erotic material online.

What I personally love about this business is that almost everyone on the planet loves sex – and rightly so – which creates a perfect opportunity to sell it! I’ve heard that the industry is really starting to shift to camgirl performances and more amateur access with services such as Snapchat premium and Only Fans – there may also be some growth available from porn games if you want to combine two high-growth areas of entertainment for 2020.

The future of adult content online is pretty difficult to predict, but one thing that people have always said is that the porn industry is always the first one to come up with new ideas and try out fresh concepts that might eventually be transitioned to the mainstream sector if they prove to be successful enough. You might not want to get into the adult business, but you’re missing out on a huge revenue source if you don’t at least consider it!


The Internet is always growing and likely will continue that trend for the next few decades. Entertainment is a major usage factor for the World Wide Web, so be sure to consider getting into the three areas above if you want to maximize your income potential.

It’s notoriously difficult to predict entertainment switches, but I’m confident what has been mentioned above will be worth keeping your eye on for the next year (and, of course, into the rest of the decade). It’s an exciting time to be in the Internet game – all you have to make sure is that you’re focused on the right sectors, and the money will be rolling in faster than you can spend it!