Whether it is your home or office that you plan to move, it is always going to be tedious. On the other hand, hiring a moving service can be challenging too. The internet search will give you hundreds of results for local and distance movers. Below, we help you with tips on what to avoid when you are considering hiring a moving company.

Not comparing at least three companies

Regardless of where you are moving to or from, having multiple options – at least three – of potential movers is highly recommended. Make a comparison of their bundles, costs, hourly rates, and overall service. A background check such as looking into customer reviews will also come in handy. Moving in itself is a tiring task; thus, you want to be sure that no other trouble will accompany that.

Not having movers visit your home prior moving

Before making the final hiring decision, we suggest having potential movers visit your home. They will review all the goods that you are transiting to give a closer estimate. Additionally, it is a way to guarantee that the moving company knows everything that you are shifting so that by the end of the move, the stock they quoted on will coordinate with was moved.

It is a good idea to prepare a list of household inventory before getting an estimate from the movers. This will help you inform the movers about items that require special handling.

Picking a mover based only on charges

To us, the best bet may not always be the cheapest. A mover offering low cost may have reasons to avoid. When you compare different quotes, you will often find a stark difference between them. Blackguarded companies often try to attract customers with low rates, discounts, and other temptations such as free services. Also, the type of move you are making, i.e. local or long distance, may change your choice of a mover. For a local move, you may hire a company with a small or medium-scale setup and a good reputation. For a long-distance move, you do not want to take a risk. Thus, we suggest going with a large-scale company with recommended customer reviews.

Los Angeles Movers offer both local and long-distance moving services for both personal and commercial projects.

Not knowing when you might be charged extra fees

It is incredibly important to foresee all scenarios and bring on paper all terms and conditions with your mover. Always ask your moving company if they have any hidden terms and about their extra fee conditions. A moving company may charge you extra for taking goods up and down the stairs, doing and the packaging of and handling fragile items, or not having a parking space nearby for loading and unloading goods from their truck. A written contract will come in handy to avoid any unpleasant and unwarranted situations. Moreover, a clear-cut communication with your opted company is essential to smoothly complete your moving.