In India, online betting has become one of the most popular industries in the country. Apps and websites are coming into the market each month. Whether it is daily contests, fantasy, or tournaments, you may find people from India glared at their smartphones hoping to get a piece of the action.

The pandemic and lockdown helped the industry explode. As the entire world was stuck at home, there was one way to kill time. That was betting on cricket. Since online betting is the cool trend in India these days, here are a few mistakes to avoid as you embark on your new hobby.

Choosing the wrong site

When searching for the right online cricket betting site, there are a few misconceptions that can lead to you choosing the wrong site. Most betting sites look similar. They might have the same features, odds, and games, but they differ when you get down to specifics. Therefore, you should always scan the sites available and read the detailed reviews for each site before you decide on the site you will use. A good betting site for you might be bad for another player. Find the site that makes you feel safe.

Set a limit

With the ICC T20 World Cup back in action, it’s easy to go down a dark hole. If you do not pace yourself, your bank account can get out of hand. When you start betting, you need to realize that there is a risk of loss. You also should not get caught up in the moment of trying to recoup your losses right away. Try and stop yourself from betting all of your money or over betting on odds that might look too good to be true. Try and budget your spending habits and remember that you can win over time.

That also goes for knowing when to quit. Gambling can be fun, but accepting defeat can be hard. If you chase your losses, this harmful hobby can turn into a true addiction. If you feel like you have a gambling problem, either contact a hotline or stop immediately.

Be aware of withdrawal methods

All betting sites accept plenty of deposit methods to receive payment. That also goes the same with withdrawing money. The most often mistake that people do is selecting an incorrect method of payment. Try and find the option that directly deposits the money into your account. If the account is asking for PayPal or some third-party site, you should probably stay away. One, that is not safe. Two, there is a risk for fees. All in all, find a safe, reputable payment method such as UPI or Netbanking. Gambling itself is a risk, so if you earned a copious amount of money, you shouldn’t have to worry about risking the money to your account for spending.

If you keep track of these tips, you should have a safe and fun gambling experience. Now, go out and win big!