laptop compute displaying command prompt

Screen recording has become a big part of the tutorial community. As everything was getting digitized, the education system also changed quite a lot. A tutorial video teaches a certain thing by navigating through their device so you can shadow them and achieve the same thing. These tutorial videos are made possible only because of a screen recorder. Apart from tutorial videos, gameplay videos with commentary and many other entertainment genres require screen recordings.

Ideally, you want a way to perform all the basic recording formats, i.e., screen record, screencast, and screen capture. If you can perform all these actions in a few clicks, then you have a good enough setup. If you are someone who needs the advice to record and edit videos for their own work, then you are at the right place. We’ll be talking about everything that you will need to record a good video. Here are tips for recording your screen in an efficient and elegant way.


There are a lot of factors that you will need to consider before jumping in to record everything. If you don’t do so, you will end up screwing things up one way or another. You will then need to record the whole thing again, which will be a hassle. To avoid all of that, you can prepare for the actual recording beforehand so that you don’t end up wasting time and energy. Here’s what you need to do:

A good screen recorder

The most crucial aspect of all the factors is a good screen recorder. You will be using this software for every workflow. There are many screen recorders out there in the market as of now. Some are open source, while others are proprietary. If you are doing professional work with a screen recorder, you will want to invest in proprietary software.

Scripting is important

You need to write a script or even a rough outline of all the things that you’ll be performing. If you are recording a voice-over along with a screen, then this is very crucial. A structured script will allow you to proceed with the video with no hiccups. This will result in a flawless video with no gaps. If you are somewhat experienced in talking on the fly, then you won’t need a script; rather, an outline will suffice. This will save so much of your time, and you will be recording videos left and right.

A good webcam

Although most tutorial videos and gameplay videos don’t have a need for instructor’s or player’s footage. However, they make the videos more interactive and make sure that the audience is engaged. If you are good with a camera, then this will go a long way. Get yourself a good webcam and record yourself while recording. However, you will have to make sure that your screen recorder does support this feature.


How many times have you clicked off from a video because it didn’t have good audio? Many times, right? Well, if you don’t want that happening to you, then you might want to get yourself a good quality microphone. Your audience will appreciate this upgrade very much. Most external microphones record crisp sound along with mitigating background noise for an immersive experience.

Screen recording tips

Now that we are done with the pre-requisites, it’s time to record the videos themselves. Here are some of the tips you can follow to ensure that it is a smooth experience:

Record what’s required

Your screen is filled up with many different things; if you record the whole thing, chances are your audience will end up not focusing on the subject at hand. Instead, you want to record only a part of the screen where the real work is happening. You can achieve this in both post-production and also via a screen recorder if it has the feature to do so. This will make sure that you are providing the best visual experience to your audience.

Keeping it precise

Keeping videos precise has always been a tip that all successful content creators will give. No one wants to waste their time talking about things that aren’t relevant to them. You want to only focus on the matter at hand. Make sure that you keep every step very precise and not waste time finding the next step or doing something else. Even if you make some mistakes while recording, fix them up in post-production.

Keeping it informative

As mentioned, the screen of a computer or even a smartphone contains a lot of content. If you want to make sure you point your audience in the right direction, you can use screen drawing tools. They will prove to be a huge lifesaver for everyone who is recording tutorials. They will make an impact and provide visual aids for people to understand effectively.