Do you want to learn about crypto and blockchain technology? If you have never considered this then I would say start learning about them today. Because they will definitely help you in the near future. As financial experts predict that digital currency is going to be the mainstream of the exchange process. So, it is better to be aware of the concept in advance.

Anyway, learning about blockchain and cryptocurrency requires critical thinking and imagination. To make it easier I have listed down some fun and exciting games that will help you understand crypto coins and the technology behind it easily. Let’s get started.

Take a quick look at the summary of this article if you are running out of time.

  • Cryptokitties: This is an interesting game that allows you to collect cats which represents the digital asset in the game.
  • Beyond the Void: It introduces you to the cryptocurrency economy where you will buy different virtual items.
  • Spells of Genesis: Do you love battle games and learn about crypto coins, then give this game a try. You will definitely enjoy this game.
  • WorldPoly: This is a multiplayer game that helps you to save transaction fees in the cryptocurrency market. As this game is based on augmented reality you will have a different experience.
  • Privateers Life: This game helps you to understand how the real economy world allowing you to do different activities in the game.


Axiom Zen developed this game in 2017. You need to collect virtual cats that represent crypto tokens. Here you can collect different types of virtual cats to earn more. Even you can spend to breed new cats in the game. This game gives you knowledge about digital asset Ethereums. ERC-721 is the crypto token used in this game.

Spells of Genesis

This is not the same as the Cryptokitties. Like Crypotkitties, you don’t need to breed cats in the game you have to win a battle instead. If you win the battle you earn crypto cards. Collect as many cards as possible to earn more.

In this game, bitcoin is used as the crypto token. As bitcoin is the most demanding and valuable token, many players like this game. Many people invest and trade in bitcoin through

Beyond the Void

This game introduces you to the cryptocurrency economy. You will learn about the Ethereum blockchain and the token used in this game is ERC-20. This game allows you to buy various virtual items of like spacecraft and it gives your insight into the cryptocurrency economy.


This is one of the most interesting games in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This game combines different technologies such as augmented reality, blockchain, GPS, etc. More interestingly, this is a multiplayer game that means you can play this game with your friends.

You will discover mainly two crypto tokens Ethereum and Byteball. Here the Ethereum operates through blockchain technology on the other hand Byteball uses DAG technology.

Privateers Life

This is a totally different game from the rest of the games. It is a game based on an economy where you have to do many operations like mining, harvesting, manufacturing, etc. This game allows you to understand the economy. You will gain some perspectives in the real-world economy. Crypto coins were used to conduct various operations within the game. I would say it is really beneficial for you if you play this game.

Final Words

Now play these exciting games you will definitely enjoy. These games will give you some insight into the cryptocurrencies. Remember, learning is very important before start investing in the crypto market. Many people have a misconception that the crypto market and equity market are the same but they are not the same they are different. However, the technical analysis is similar in both cases and generally, the crypto market is more volatile in nature. Anyway, give these games a try it will help you in the future not only in trading but in your daily life.