Over the past decade, Korean entertainment is rapidly gaining global appeal. Korean movies are knocking on Billboard doors, with many blockbusters gaining much traction from the populace.

K-drama films are known for intense plotlines, captivating storylines, exhilarating characters, and high production value. Just a simple subscription to a write my assignment service, and you have free time to peruse through all this content.

Plenty of steaming services are available to get part of the K-drama action. Each streaming service boasts unique features that appeal to different audiences. You can get the best options with an extended library of films.


Viki is a sought-after on-demand video streaming service with a high appeal for Asian content, especially K-drama. It has a selected section that works specifically for Korean films. Their current catalog consists of over 1000+ K-drama series and over 200+ movies.

Moreover, it offers an active live-streaming option with popular options running on the platform. All content on the steaming platform features subtitles and translations in over 150 languages.

For new viewers, users can view curated content on the site with popular options such as Squid Game, Oldboy, Parasite, Train to Busan, and Tidal Wales.

Get a free pass on the site and stream all content but with running ads. Some of the site’s popular content is in high demand and limited to subscribers. All paid subscriptions on the service don’t feature running ads. A standard pass for exclusive viewership starts at $6 monthly, and the next package is at $10 monthly.

The basic package on Viki features HD content with interesting features such as Viki originals and access to popular options.

It’s important to note that a large capacity of the content curated on the site is from Asian distributors and production companies.


It’s a standard option for the global market. It is arguably one of the most popular and accessible DSPs. Some original titles on the platform include Space Sweepers, Carter, Okja, Black Knight, Tomorrow, Bloodhounds, and DP, among many more.

The K-Drama library is available on the site and includes 150+ films. However, the streaming service extends its portfolio from Asian production firms with popular titles such as Mr. Sunshine, Our Blues, and A Time Called You.

The pricing plan differs depending on the content available. Netflix contains between $7 and $20 monthly. Despite a higher pricing plan, it has many features to excite you. For example, users watch up to four screens simultaneously with four user profiles.

The latest installments by the DSP include password crackdowns to prevent cases of password sharing. Despite the need for clarity on its future, Netflix is one of the top-rated streaming services with various K-drama content.


Kocowa is another upcoming DSP with its heart bent on the Korean market. The platform consists of K-pop, K-variety, and K-drama. The streaming service is part of wavve America and combines three major Korean broadcasters: SBS, KBS, and MBC.

Viewers can enjoy various reality TV shows, K-series, K-pop events, and competitions besides K-drama series. Many genre-specific and fresh content is available for viewers to check out.

Given its niche market amongst high competition from other streaming services, Kocowa does hold its own. There is free access with ads and a paid subscription with HD content and subtitles.

The pricing plan starts from $7 and a $70 yearly bill. New users of the streaming service can enjoy a 14-day free trial. The premium option costs $8 monthly and includes exciting features like offline downloads.

Amazon Prime Video

Another popular option for Korean content is Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video ranks as one of the top streaming services with a massive global appeal. It consists of an extensive library consisting of popular K-drama series.

There are two subscription packages to view available content: a basic Prime Video subscription and a premium Amazon Prime subscription. The subscription billing starts from $8.99 monthly, including access to its video library.

Search for original titles of K-drama, including titles such as Handmaiden, Train to Busan, Vincenzo, Happiness, and All of Us Are Dead. All these popular titles are available with a Prime membership.

The K-drama library available on the platform is spread across different genres ranging from action, fantasy, and romance.

On-Demand Korea

You can always find something interesting for Korean movie enthusiasts on the Korean on-demand streaming service. The streaming service features both live TV and on-demand content.

There are three subscription tiers for users. The basic plan is free but features running ads. The premium plan starts at $10.99 monthly and comes with ad-free content. The third tier is the premium + box plan at $19.99 monthly.

In addition, there is a yearly plan for users at $200. Their catalog consists of over 500+ K-drama titles. Also, there is a live TV streaming option to catch up on popular series. Unfortunately, some titles on the platform don’t have subtitles. Hence, it becomes suitable for native Korean speakers only.


It is another underrated streaming service that combines the best of the Asian world with films from Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Chinese. Their library of K-drama is quite extensive, with a blend of originals and the latest releases.

Download the AsianCrush app on your TV to start enjoying the wide variety of options available—stream content on the platform either through a live stream or on-demand.

Premium users must subscribe at a monthly rate of $5 or $50 yearly. Also, there is curated content on the platform with genres such as ‘Popular Korean Films,’ ‘Favorites,’ and ‘Independent.’

For owners with traditional TVs, purchase a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick to instant the app. It is available on Google Play. The worst part is that many countries face restrictions from using the app.

Final Takeaway

‘Oldboy’ and ‘Parasite catapulted the Korean entertainment scene globally. The rise in popularity of K-drama continues to soar. Also, we can see more K-drama releases shaking up the industry. These streaming services offer the perfect avenue to enjoy these delightful films on legal streaming services.