As a student, you have to develop good writing skills since you are in high school. Otherwise, you may come to college or university without the necessary tools to do your homework. College students have to write many essays, lab reports, projects, etc. Unfortunately, many undergraduate (and even graduate) students do not know how to write an academic paper properly.

Completing a written project can be very frustrating for students that have poor writing skills. In such a case, the student can search on the Internet to find professional writing services. Using such a service can be as easy as telling someone “please, do my project.” You just need to provide the characteristics of the project that you need and pay for the service. A professional writer will do your project within the agreed time frame.

However, you must bear in mind that the quality of such services can vary widely from company to company. Reliable writing services deliver projects that are well-written and completely original. Contrastingly, other services may deliver a project in poor English. Even worse, the writer may have resorted to plagiarism to complete your assignment.

Plagiarism is one of the worst practices in academics. Your project can get a Fail note if your professor realizes that part of its content has been plagiarized. This is why a reputable writing service will verify that the assignment is original before handing it to the customer. But, how do they do it? How do they detect plagiarism?

One of the most effective ways to detect plagiarism is through human detection. A trained editor can go through all the text and identify plagiarized passages. However, this approach is unpractical when there are many texts to be checked. It would take a lot of time, thereby increasing the waiting time.

This is why most reputable writing services use plagiarism detection software. These programs can identify similar passages of text in two different documents. The comparison is done with documents available online or on a specific database. If a writing company performs plagiarism checking, you can have more peace of mind. Your project is likely original.

Free Plagiarism Detection Software for Students

However, should you trust blindly a writing company? What if they did not scan your project for plagiarism as they promised? Probably they forgot to do it. Who knows? To be on the safe side, you can scan your completed project for plagiarism yourself. If you detect some plagiarized passages, you can for a revision.

Below, you can find a list of some good online plagiarism detection tools. They are free:

  • Dupli Checker. This program is great! The interface is simple and user-friendly. You can upload your project in a .docx or .txt file. Or if you prefer, you can paste it directly on the interface. You can perform this plagiarism check once a day. But if you subscribe, then you get 50 checks a day! Do not worry. You do not have to pay a cent for signing up;
  • PaperRater. This software is wonderful since it provides proofreading and grammar checking also. If you want to improve upon your delivered project, then this is the tool you must use. You can check up to 5 pages without a paid subscription;
  • Plagiarisma. This program supports more than 190 languages. It is very popular among students and academic staff. It allows uploading files in a variety of formats.

That is it! Use these tools and make sure your grades will not suffer because of issues with plagiarism.