The most common source of sharing data these days is through flash drives. It is very portable and easy to carry. With the help of flash drive and external hard drive, it has become extremely easy to transfer and store data digitally.

Basically, you need to plug it into a device having a USB port and this drive can store enormous amounts of data and can also be used for sharing purposes. In addition to that, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

Usually, flash drives are entitled to huge storage capacities and can be used to boot both operating and lightweight systems. In early times these flash drives had barely a capacity of 8 MB but with the advancement in technology its capacity has grown up to 4 TB.

As flash drives are the most frequently used devices for data transfer, the chances of data loss from these devices are also very common.

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Some of the common reasons of data loss from a flash drive are:

  • Data corruption: Data in a flash drive may get corrupted due to some viruses in your device and many such harmful viruses and worms can destroy your flash drive. When you use the same flash drive for many data transfers and plug it in different computers then the data inside that drive might get corrupted. Even power failures and crashing of computers in the course of data transfer can also lead to data failures.
  • Getting damaged physically: Most of the time these flash drives get physically damaged when they are not kept properly and used safely. The connectors may get broken which will lead to data failure inside the drive. Even if the drive gets broken or bent then it will also cause data loss.
  • Any sort of electrical failure: Electrical failures like blown fuse or components getting burnt on the board can also result in data loss. Even overheating of the device is another reason which damages the drive and in turn, affects the data inside it.
  • Exhaustion of components: Components of the drivers tend to fail due to exhaustion and overuse. When you have been using the same flash drive for a long time it might get worn out and hence lead to data failure.
  • Accidental deletion: Sometimes the data of your flash drive gets deleted by mistake or you end up overwriting the present data accidentally, all this can destroy the data inside it.

A flash drive may get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons. However, when it comes to recovery of data from such devices it is advised to look for a specialized data recovery company that can assure you the full restoration of data since you are not in a position to lose your important data.

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Below are some ways to for hard drive recovery or to recover data from flash drive :

  • Immediately stop using the drive: The moment you suspect anything wrong happening to your drive stop using it. If you continue to use that drive it might lead to permanent corruption of data and data failure. Sometimes people tend to ignore such signs which they may repent later. They continue to use that drive, keep overwriting the current data, and once overwritten recovery of data might sound impossible. Therefore, it is better to cease yourself from using a damaged drive and consult a data recovery company as soon as possible. Also, you make sure to disconnect it from your computer because if you don’t chances are that your computer also might get affected, and to avoid this remember to unlink your flash drive from the device you instilled it in.
  • Search the recycle bin: The first step to recover your data from a flash drive is to search the recycle bin. It’s probably the first place where you should look for your deleted files. You might find your lost files from there and it will save you a lot of time. But if you are not able to recover your files from the recycle bin then it is probably best to contact a worthy data recovery company.
  • Don’t install any random recovery software: Do not ever install any random recovery software to restore your lost files. These software promise full recovery but in reality, they only cater to partial recovery or maybe no recovery at all. Also, such software may corrupt your flash drive to a larger extent and make data recovery impossible. Hence, it is advised to hire a professional data recovery company and leave the restoration process in the hands of their well-trained experts instead of installing any software and worsening the problem.
  • Consult a professional data recovery company: If you end up losing your data in a flash drive consulting a professional data recovery company is the best suitable solution to recover the lost data. Always look for a reputable and trustworthy company. Do read its reviews and take into consideration its experiences. Selecting the right company will ensure more chances of data recovery.