How much time do you spend watching your favorite films on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Go? These platforms make the way we entertain ourselves much more comfortable. But what if we tell you that video gaming can also be that easy? Here come the cloud technologies to provide you with a perfect solution to run any high-end video game with no expensive hardware on any device that is close at hand. Cloud gaming is becoming the way we play video games and is expected to earn the trust of the majority of gamers worldwide in the next few years.

Google and Nvidia have started the all-out war on the market, and it’s not that easy to spot other cloud gaming providers that have a lot to offer. That’s why we are going to talk about Boosteroid. This cloud platform has already secured its place among top cloud gaming providers in Eastern and Central Europe. Boosteroid has its advantages and drawbacks, so let’s make a small investigation.

What’s it all about?

Let’s start from the beginning! Modern cloud technologies are based on online streaming, so you don’t need to download, install, or update any software or hardware drivers. Video games are launched and processed on a remote server, while you receive an interactive video stream of your gameplay to your computer. There’s no need to buy expensive hardware to run the hottest AAA-titles. Basically, what you need is just a device capable of running a Full HD video. Millions of gamers all around the globe who own outdated computers are unable to run the latest video games even on low settings. Cloud gaming offers at least 60fps/1080p gaming regardless of the device you have.

However, if you want to go cloud, you should pay attention to your Internet connection speed. Even today, it’s not that easy to get stable 15 Mbps. That’s why you should make sure your Internet connection meets cloud gaming demands before giving a shot to any cloud platform. Let’s take a look at the Internet connection speed requirements set by top cloud gaming services.

Geforce NOW15 Mbps
Boosteroid14 Mbps
Google Stadia20 Mbps
Shadow25 Mbps

Most of the cloud gaming providers distribute apps and software clients. However, Boosteroid enables its users to run games in a browser, which makes access to high-end titles even easier. Boosteroid has also introduced a number of next-gen technical features to ensure advanced gaming experience. One of them is a bitrate stability software solution. If your Internet connection drops below 14 Mbps, the image quality will be automatically adjusted to reduce the load. As a result, you won’t have any latency, and your gaming experience won’t be affected. At the same time, packet loss in browsers can still lead to some drops, and there has not been a single solution to this problem developed by any company yet.

It’s all about games… and price

A game library is what often helps gamers make their decision in favor of a cloud gaming provider. Why? GeForce NOW has lost almost all the latest titles, and Google Stadia has just 30 games available. Boosteroid presents a rather huge library, though some titles are still missing. If you want to run your game in the cloud, make sure you’ve purchased it from an official distributor in advance. Anyway, you can always play Fortnite for free on Boosteroid, because, you know, it’s free…

Costs are always important. Here’s how much cloud gaming providers charge their users per month:

GeForce NOW$5.00
Google Stadia$9.99

Here are a few important notes. GeForce Now has time limits even for a basic subscription, which means you’ll never get a whole month of non-stop gaming for a monthly subscription. Boosteroid offers a really cheap one-year plan (€4.16 per month). Google Stadia tries to push its controller as a part of the deal, and Shadow has different prices depending on the amount of computing power you want to use. Each platform has its own benefits!

What about cloud gaming for free? The only option is GeForce NOW free subscription for one hour. However, you’ll still have to wait at least 15 minutes to get access to the platform.

Partnerships and market potential

Boosteroid cooperates with a wide range of companies like Asus, Intel, Huawei, and even Nvidia. These are really big names so we are likely to see a giant leap from Boosteoid in the near future. It has been announced that the platform will be available in North America and Western Europe already in 2020.

Who knows, maybe Microsoft shouldn’t launch xCloud — there will be a lot of strong players on the market by that time. Having already become one of Europe’s top cloud gaming platforms, Boosteroid keeps on introducing cutting-edge technologies.