CNN is recognized as the first American-based channel, which covers news over 24 hours. Additionally, it was also known as the first-all news channel in the country. Over the decades, the channel has gone through an uphill struggle. But, today it is considered the most reliable and credible source of news. Furthermore, the forum is known for its dramatic way of breaking news, which was not a thing before.

CNN laid its foundation without obvious political biases, which is yet another reason for its credibility. Besides, the channel also covered the 1991 Gulf War in Baghdad, single-handedly when all the other organizations left. In a survey held in 2018, 22 percent of the population regarded CNN as the most reliable platform.

CNN is currently owned by AT&T, and primarily broadcast from Warner Media’s headquarters in New York City. Furthermore, it also exhibits its extended version by the name of CNN international, which covers news from all over the globe.

We all know CNN is a credible news source; however, one might ponder over the reasons behinds its reliability. If you want to know what accounts for its unmatched popularity, continue reading ahead:

Unbiased Source

A reliable news desk such as CNN offers unbiased opinions. It marks thoughts as columns; reveals the conflict of interest, etc. It also works on a citation, which means, it lists the sources from where statistics were obtained. You can also look for its verification process and source links. All in all, it helps the news channel to rank, which benefits in increased reliability.

Expert Journalism

Journalism plays an essential role in the integrity of news channels. Subsequently, they are the primary sources of reliable news. Therefore, dedicated news channels hire journalists that look over the area of their expertise. The organization ensures to hire individuals who have a degree in the ethical principles of journalism. Furthermore, when news reporters or writers are employed, they are provided with further advanced education on their expertise.

Publish Corrections

A reliable news channel like CNN acknowledges the fact that it might contain errors. The channel features the necessary process and resources that function to promote accuracy and adjust errors.


A reputable news organization offers a convenient option for all of its viewers. Channel such as CNN is accessible to stream on various platforms. It includes forums such as the internet and TV, etc. Thus, in simple words, the channel is available to stream wherever you are, at whatever time you want. You can access its CNN live stream from your office desk, without acquiring any stress.

Variety Of Genres

The news channel offers various genres to attract viewers from all over the world, regardless of age. A genre table enlisted on the website leads you towards your preferred news. Furthermore, the channel also updates its users through its social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Thus, it keeps the viewers updated.

Minimize Harm

The news organizations functions to provide relevant information. But, the other thing that is equally important is the content should not pose any harm to anyone, be it people of different ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds. CNN respects its viewers and ensures that triggering content is not broadcasted, and even if it is, they make sure to inform the viewers beforehand of the sensitivity of the upcoming content.

Today there are plenty of news platforms where you can stay updated with the latest news. Despite this fact, CNN continues to be the top priority of people around the world and now you know why is that so.

It stands behind all the odds of ordinary news channels and aims to provide relevant news to its viewers. Furthermore, the channel features a variety of genres and is easy to access. Thus, if you are searching for streaming a reliable medium, CNN is the best option in the present day. If it’s on CNN, it’s most definitely true!