It is necessary to know the correct eCommerce software along with a web hosting plan that will allow an eCommerce website to begin working and able to pursue business. There are various web hosting choices, one of these is Magento hosting.

What exactly is Magento?

Magento tends to be a popular eCommerce platform. With this, you will get the options required to help your eCommerce site run. These include:

  • The shopping cart
  • The check-out functionality option
  • Ability to make an account, as well as guest, check out choices
  • Connection with certain payment processing applications when wanting to accept the payment
  • Potential to list products moreover track availability

These are some basic things required for the eCommerce site. However, Magento possesses many other features that are more than this. It is possible to for instance add extensions to it. Also, the software has much power packed within the framework that it gives for the eCommerce store.

The following are some reasons why you should consider Magento hosting for an eCommerce Website.


Magento claims to be for free. It is the Magento core which is free for who whoever wants to use it. They may be some expenses when it comes to the extensions that are added on, and for any developers that get hired to aid you in employing Magento.

Apart from this the platform itself is free. You can try it out and will not be wasting money if you do not like it.


You should also know that it is open-source software. Therefore, those who have the potential to create a new module and extension can do it. Magento has many developers. These individuals have a forum that has many contributors. They all function to allow Magento to pursue as much as any business owners require and wish it to.

Another benefit of employing an open-source initiative is that it improves quality along with functionality as time passes. The reason is that people work on it so that it can be beneficial for all those who use it.

Advanced security

The platform’s advanced security is perfect for eCommerce. All website owners regard website security as being very important. For those who have an online store that often requires sensitive details from consumers, security is extremely vital here.

Magento is good security-wise. The core software does give security from hackers. It is possible to make the website extra secure by using the security extensions present.

Magneto also lets one handle the amount of access they let every individual that updates the website to possess. The security permissions aid you in reducing the impact of some angry staff member producing dangerous updates to the website. Someone will not be able to accidentally break some important thing on the site because of ignorance.

Other platforms are present besides Magento for eCommerce websites. However, this one is a good one to try out because of the exciting features it has made especially for an online store.