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What’s PDF File, Why We Need to Edit It

PDF is used as the most common document format universally today to enable people to present information and data, including text, image, or table, etc., but why people need to crop PDF?

Sometimes people need to print PDF for different purposes. Some for bringing their content for others to read, like an academic paper, while others like businessmen, require to print PDF files for signing. But we know that there are many different paper sizes such as A3, A4, and A8 paper. Or sometimes you just want to reduce the file size and make it smaller. For having the best presenting effect, PDF files need to be edited or cropped into the best size before printing, that’s the reason why we need a PDF cropper.

If You Need to Crop PDF, Let’s Try EasePDF

Having no requirement to download any software or extension, EasePDF is an online PDF platform that offers a variety of PDF tools for people to deal with their PDF files for different purposes. From converting the file formats to editing PDF files, EasePDF brings the best services to fulfill people’s demands. Its features include the following points:

  • Supports more than 30 PDF tools to use
  • Provides different languages for global users to enjoy
  • Offers faster-converting speed to get an ideal PDF file
  • Allows the simplest functions that everyone can use with the most user-friendly UI
  • Requires completely no cost to use all the PDF tools
  • Enables the security methods to protect files privacy

To crop a PDF file, EasePDF offers a specific tool, Crop PDF to help. It is a very simple tool, but it can certainly help you crop a PDF file with only simple clicks. Now, I will lead you through the steps to crop a PDF file with EasePDF’s Crop PDF function.

Go to EasePDF. You can drop down the menu of All PDF Tools and find the Crop PDF tool for going to it.

EasePDF Crop PDF

When you open the page of Crop PDF, you need to continue by adding the PDF file to you need to crop to it. Press the Add File(s) button in the middle for choosing the PDF file from your computer. Additionally, note that you can also add the files from GoogleDrive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Using a URL for adding files is also available.

EasePDF Crop PDF Add File

After adding the file, you can start cropping the PDF file now. Adjust the file to the proper size you need, and then you can press the Crop PDF button for going to the next step.

EasePDF Crop PDF Change Size

Then provide you the download option. The final step here is simple. Simply press the Download button and you can save the cropped PDF to your desktop. Or, clicking the icon to save the PDF to GoogleDrive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Otherwise, you can also save the URL for downloading later within 24 hours.

EasePDF Crop PDF Download File


To crop a PDF file, you don’t need to go through complicated steps or use professional software, simply an online PDF solution can bring you the help. Try it for once and you will find that EasePDF is helpful.