Do you prefer playing Catan around a table with friends or an online battle arena game like League of Legends? Both board games and online video games can be lots of fun, but which are better? Let us take a look at how the two game-types compare.

The Choices on Offer

There are literally tens of thousands of board games and online games to choose from. But online games give you more immediate options. Sure, you can purchase board games online, but you cannot play them straight away. Conversely, you can choose from a wide range of games on the internet and begin playing them immediately. Many online games are free, too. Popular online games to choose from include:

  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games: These involve playing with large numbers of other players. Sometimes thousands play popular games like Eve Online and World of Warcraft.
  • Live Casino Games: Online live casinos enable you to play your favorite casino games in real-time with real dealers. For example, if you are in Japan, you can enjoy the games of a ライブカジノ (live casino) anytime.
  • Online Puzzle Games: You will find a wide variety of online sites where you can play all types of puzzle games, such as brain games, sudoku, and crosswords.

Social Interaction

In a world where people are becoming more interested in communicating via screens than in person, there is no doubt that playing board games helps to bring people together to interact face-to-face, or even nose to armpit if you are playing Twister. Board games are great for getting the family together at home, but they can also be good for getting you out of the house. Many people enjoy board game evenings at friend’s houses where everyone can socialize over the game and a few drinks.

Playing games through a monitor is simply not the same as a physical get together with other people. However, let us not forget that modern video gaming is more social than ever before. Not everyone has family or friends they can see often. Therefore, online video games enable people to socially interact with others, anytime, anyplace. Online gaming also enables people to meet new friends, and they can be from anywhere in the world. No longer is online gaming a solo activity. So, both video games and board games can potentially be great for social interaction, just in different ways.

Innovation and Evolution

Although new inventive board games are still released, such as the immensely popular Kickstarter-funded game Exploding Kittens, their innovativeness simply cannot match that of online video games. After all, just think how far video gaming has come in the last few decades. If a player of Pac-Man in 1984 were able to be shown a game from the future like Fortnite, he or she would be agog. Whereas the same cannot be said of board games from different eras. That is a bonus point for board games, though, as their traditional feel is one thing that makes them so appealing. But when it comes to dramatic evolution, video games will always be steps ahead. Today, online video games have things like beautiful graphics, smooth movement, and epic soundtracks, all of which enhance the gaming experience more than ever before.

Tech Drawbacks

Although video games’ technological aspects can make them more appealing than board games, technology has drawbacks. For instance, you cannot play online games without an internet connection. If you do not have a device or your internet connection fails, you cannot play online games. Of course, the same is not true of board games. Furthermore, board games do not require any upgrades. With some online video games, it can be a chore to keep up with the latest system requirements and upgrades, and it can even become expensive. A board game never requires updates or additional money to be spent on it.

The Bottom Line

So, are board games or video games better? The simple answer is: there is no need to choose between them. Both have their benefits. And both are fun.