Dropped in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a popular first-person shooter game that has devoured gaming fanatics with its arresting visuals and other captivating features. Highly feted by the gaming community, COD Modern Warfare is hailed as one of the decade’s best and most famous games.

Pull up your socks if you are preparing to launch yourself into the realm of COD. Modern Warfare already has more than 9 million players in a month as of June 30, 2021. Worried about how to compete as a beginner? Here is a list of tips and tricks to begin the game like a pro:-

Weapons to Wield

Customization of weapons is essential as per the desire and need of the hour. Select your suitable gaming style and also master new ones.

Load Your Guns

While playing COD Modern Warfare, players can unlock guns and weapons as they progress on the way. It is advisable to unlock as many as you can because everything in a world full of killers is uncertain. There could be a sniper or a grenade waiting for you.

Also, you may choose to unlock more weapons other than the ones that you get by default upon clearing levels. These weapons can be your favorite ones, or those you believe can be formidable enough for the forthcoming battle.

Customized Loadouts

Lootings, load-outs, and weapon collection must be dependent on the gaming mode. While playing single-player, multiplayer, or NVG mode, specific changes must be made according to the requirement. Use different modes and learn the requirements of each kind of mode.

Also, after setting on your journey, if you think you have brought a wrong set of weapons, mess with the menu and immediately alter it smoothly.

Camping Project

According to the updated maps of the COD Modern Warfare, going camping allows players to have a broad overview of the sight of the lurking enemies because of the highs and lows of the ground. As the maps are intimately designed, along with giving you an advantage, they will also give the same benefit to your enemies. Therefore, move with caution because many of the interiors and vantage points can be used to attack.

Play With the Settings

The aim settings and other general settings of the game might not be able to transform your game miraculously. However, they can certainly aid you with seamless gameplay.

Depending on the system you are playing on, like a gaming console, mobile, or desktop, set the settings. Increase the resolution, change the framerate limit as per the system used, and several other settings to provide you a better gaming version.

No More Reload and Aim

It is no more reload and aim but reload during aim. The exotic faucets of Modern Warfare allow the players not to lose their target from sight while the weapon is being reloaded with arms.

As the gun reloading time is the most vulnerable for the players, this minor update creates a profound impact when survival has been strained. Now, keep an eye on the enemy movement, communicate with your teammates, reload and shoot down the hounds.

Door to Caution

The doors in the game are not for a visual feast; they are a strategic tool to use while you move with caution.

Doors are provided to elevate the interior movements of the players. Now, you can barge in and out through the doors. Whenever you open a door, a banging sound is created indeed, but that is for your benefit. You can launch surprise attacks on your enemies by bursting in uncalled, hear the sounds of doors opening and closing to know the enemy movements. You can even shoot through the door and throw grenades if you are definite about enemy presence on the other side.

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