The popular AOA member, Seolhyun, has unfortunately been the victim of online sexual harassment this year. she suffered constant attacks such as, images of Seolhyun edited with Photoshop of explicit sexual content, which were disseminated online, likewise, she was sexually harassed through direct messages on the social network, Instagram. FNC Entertainment, immediately took action and filed lawsuits against the culprits and are currently seeing the results, on October 23, FNC Entertainment reported that one of the three lawsuits imposed in April against the culprits, reached a resolution, in which the District Court of Incheon convicted one of the accused, the responsible for sexual harassment through direct messages, with six months in prison and two years of probation.
On the other hand, FNC Entertainment also mentioned that they are awaiting the sentencing of the legal actions they took in the case of the man who illegally edited Seolhyun’s photos, filtered them and disseminated them throughout the web. In addition, the FNC announced that one more man is awaiting the court’s decision on charges of defamation, dissemination of false information and malicious slander. It should be noted that others are being investigated by the prosecution.
FNC Entertainment ended its statement with some strong words: “As has already been revealed on several occasions, strong legal measures will be taken without any leniency against all criminal acts taking place online. In addition, we will make a continuing effort to protect the basic rights and interests of our artists and improve problematic cyberculture”. Let us hope that these recent attacks on Seolhyun can receive justice and be a turning point so that these repulsive acts are no longer committed.



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