Most likely, you won’t be surprised to find out that more and more players choose mobile devices over computers and laptops. Moreover, mobile phones are already the most popular tool to play video games in all corners of the world. Instead of being stuck at home and missing parties, family dinners, and other exciting opportunities, you can enjoy everything at the same time.

Mobile gaming is fun, safe, fast, and super convenient. Millions of gamers and gamblers across the world have chosen smartphones and tablets for their hobby. And to enjoy it to the maximum, you should remember the safety and convenience of transactions. In the article below you will find out whether the best online lottery sites for New Zealanders that accept PaysafeCard are safe and if e-wallets can protect your money. We guarantee that you will learn lots of useful details.

Credit and debit cards

Known since 1967, bank cards remain the most popular and common option for gamers across the world. These cards are issued by numerous brands, offer different loyalty perks, higher and lower percentages, and other features. This helps to choose a card based on your preferences, budget, goals, and even location.

The most popular brand names are still Visa and Mastercard. However, American Express no longer lags behind. If you want to use a credit/debit card for video games, most likely you will see them in the list of available payment options. Fans of online gambling, though, might be less fortunate because many countries ban the usage of credit cards for players’ safety.

Prepaid cards

Another convenient payment system that mobile gamers can use is prepaid cards, for example, Paysafecard. They offer a huge variety of benefits: no need to provide bank information, you won’t exceed the budget, and there are no fees involved. All that is needed is to fund the prepaid card wallet in advance or to purchase one in an online or offline store. Then you can purchase the necessary item or prolong the gaming subscription simply by inserting a digital code. Cards like Paysafe come in several denominations which makes them very convenient. The number of games and websites that accept prepaid cards is not as big but you will still have plenty of options. Just check the list of accepted methods before you start playing.

Apple Pay

If you are an owner of an Apple smartphone or iPad, choosing Apple Pay is a good idea. It was originally launched in the US but now can be used in hundreds of countries worldwide. Thanks to the two-factor authentication using Face ID, Touch ID, passcode, or PIN, these payments are very secure. Plus, you don’t have to log in every time when making a transaction which is extremely convenient for players who don’t want to waste their precious time. More and more gaming platforms add Apple Pay to the list of accepted payment methods and we are sure that you will also appreciate its great usability, convenience, and speed.


The last but not the least payment system on our list is e-wallets which step on the toes of credit and debit cards. At the moment, there are numerous types of e-wallets each of which has its own advantages. The most popular are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. They allow funding your gaming activities in a quick and secure manner. There is no need to wait for prolonged wire transfer transactions or to worry about losing sensitive data.

Fees and transaction time

You will probably agree that fees and transaction duration significantly contribute to convenience when funding the account. That is why you should check out these criteria before picking a particular method.

PayPal, as well as credit and debit cards usually have higher transaction fees. On average, users will have to pay around $2 – $2.5 for every transfer but the sum greatly depends on the card you are using. E-wallets are a bit cheaper. For example, 1% for Apple Pay and 1.45% for Neteller. Paysafecard charges a fee only for conversion.

When it comes to transaction time, the fastest are e-wallets and Apple Pay. The money will land on the account almost instantly. When using credit or debit cards, you will have to wait for a few hours.