South Philly is just like your normal tight-knit town with a couple of home-grown businesses. We have your standard diners, bakeries, bed and breakfasts, barber shops, and many more. But underneath this seemingly average facade lies a community full of creativity and bursting with imagination. There’s also a lot of potential in South Philly to be as big of a business hub as New York or Los Angeles, but the good folks of the community might not know where to begin. Oftentimes, you only need a unique and out-of-the-box idea to guarantee a successful business venture. So to help you out, here are some unconventional small business ideas that are perfect for the homeowners of good ol’ South Philly.

Aromatic Candles Factory

Aromatic candles with cute and quirky designs make for precious gifts. However, there aren’t a lot of places you can find the perfect piece to give to your loved ones. Why not create them yourself and make a business out of it? Aromatic candles actually have a big market nowadays, and in a community appreciative of charm, they can get quite big. Making these candles are easy-peasy and you’ll only need your kitchen and a few helping hands to get the business going. By the time the holidays come up, your earnings will most likely increase tenfold.

Afternoon Tea Rooms

Having afternoon tea is no longer an exclusively British practice. More and more Americans are starting to appreciate the soothing drink and are slowly adapting tea time into their day-to-day lives. This has created a new market that you can easily tap into with your own home. Your house can be the venue for small afternoon gatherings of sipping tea and idle chit-chat, which many people from tight-knit communities usually go for. Now hosting tea parties might sound like a classic children’s game, but in this day and age, it’s practically a lucrative business venture. In fact, specializing in afternoon tea requires less food than restaurants that serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Mini Spa

Who doesn’t like a good spa? The massages, hot tubs, saunas—they help us feel relaxed and rejuvenated. However, once you see how much it costs to go to one of them, the stress comes flooding back! Another good small business idea that South Philly can really use is a mini spa. They don’t have to be as outlandish as five-star establishments, but just right enough to help people relax and keep the tensions away. In fact, any home gazebo can instantly turn into a makeshift spa that’s bound to be more peaceful than any luxury resort. Give the town a special treat and open a mini spa at your own backyard.

Pet Café

Ever had your neighbors ask you to look after their pets while they run an errand or go out of town for a few days? It’s not necessarily a tough favor, but going back and forth to your place and theirs can be tiring. An easy answer is to transform your home into the town’s own pet café. Pet cafés are more known and more successful than you might realize. Places like Tokyo and Montreal have specialized cafés just for animals that are now famous tourist spots. So opening one of your own here in South Philly will not only help out the community’s pet owners, but it might benefit tourism as well.

Pet Restrooms

Any pet owner will tell you that the most annoying part of having a pet is when they have to go potty. For example, if you have a dog, you’ll need to take them outside for them to do their business, and then pick up the business and throw it away. Fortunately, you can save these pet owners a lot of time by opening up a pet restroom in your own backyard. While the smell might get a little funny, the money you’ll be earning will more than likely to make up for it. In fact, there are even specialized pet toilets you can incorporate for this homegrown business. And once you get this restroom up and running, you’ll be the best friend of all the pet owners in town!

Toy Hospital

What about a business for the town’s little ones? Candy shops and ice cream parlors have been done before, but a toy hospital is something new that they’ll appreciate. If you’re a handy person yourself, then this is the sort of small homegrown business that’s right up your alley. You don’t have to dress up in a white coat like Disney’s Doc McStuffins, but you do have to take good care and “heal” the toys kids will bring you. Not only will this be a guaranteed money-maker, but the job can also be extremely fulfilling.

South Philly has its own brand of homegrown charms, but a few extra quirks wouldn’t hurt. Every town has their fair share of unique businesses that help keep the economy going, and opening up your own can benefit you and the entire community altogether.