Anyone can win a roulette game. However, chances of winning may vary depending on a roulette variant and a house edge. Also, always aim to have a competitive advantage by studying a roulette table. And as more casinos shift their operations to the web, playing roulette online becomes the new norm. Note that the rules of playing roulette remain the same in both internet and land-based casinos. Thus, while a few things such as gaming speed may change, a good strategy births good tidings on a roulette table.

In this article, discover variations of online roulette. You will also learn some gaming rules and winning tips to help you play like a pro. To a gambler looking for a trustworthy and reliable South African online roulette for real money, tips in this post should notwithstanding hone your roulette gaming skills.

What Are the Variations of Online Roulette?

To a roulette beginner, a quick preview of the game is necessary. Start by asking vital questions. For example, which is the most exciting roulette variant? Often, roulette variations have a bearing on the place of origin. For example, the French roulette that traces its origin to France is very popular on gambling websites. Here is everything you should know about roulette variations.

French Roulette 

The French roulette is an obvious choice among most gamblers. But is it the best roulette variant? First off, the game is easy to learn. A rule known as La Partage in the French roulette means if a ball lands on zero, you lose half your bet. Another rule known as En Prison dictates that gamblers win back their bet when the ball lands on zero after placing evens or odds bet.

Live Dealer Roulette 

Live dealer roulette lets you place bets from the comfort of your home. No worries about randomly generated numbers of casino software hitches.  After you place the ball on the wheel, a real live dealer spins the wheel. And like every other casino game, everything else boils down to chance. Hi-tech webcam technology and live online chat have revolutionized the live gambling experience for punters who love to play live dealer roulette. Live dealer roulette games take away a robotic gaming feel that is reminiscent of most online casino games.

Multi-Ball Roulette 

Multi-Ball roulette game lets you play with three balls. You can also bet by picking several numbers. In the end, winnings get split depending on the numbers with which you have played.  Most online gamblers prefer multi-ball roulette to other roulette variants because winning options are many.

European Roulette 

European roulette is arguably the most common in European casinos. The game, which bears strong similarities with the French roulette, has become very popular among online gamblers.  It features a single zero like the French roulette.

American Roulette 

Any seasoned gambler would admit to playing American roulette. While the game’s structure is similar to European roulette, it features both a single and a double zero on the wheel. For a good payout, gamblers can now play American roulette in popular online casinos.

Mini Roulette

Mini roulette adds to a rich list of roulette variants. While it is only starting to gain traction in online casinos, Mini roulette features fewer numbers. Few numbers also mean the betting options are less compared to the French, European, or American roulette.

Rules of Playing Roulette and How to Win

Save for novice gamblers who may want to test an online roulette game in a demo mode, most professional punters play for a win. Because gambling is a game of taking chances, losing is part of the game. However, you can minimize casino losses if you play by simple yet significant rules in a roulette game. Here are some noteworthy roulette rules.

The Different Types of Roulette Bets

Every game has its rules. To win a roulette game, a quick background check of roulette bets is important. You would do the same when playing the best historical games of all time. You can either choose to play by evens, go for inside bets, play outside bets, or any other betting option on the roulette table. To place a bet, you must pick a number or choose a group of numbers. Except for a live dealer roulette game, a player spins the wheel when playing online roulette as you wait for the ball to land in the pocket of a roulette table. Losing bets are swept off the table.

Understand a Roulette Wheel

The structure of a roulette wheel makes it either straightforward or complex. In most cases, the betting rules remain the same. You pick a number, place a bet, spin, and wait for your luck. However, depending on the variation of an online roulette game, the wheel may have a double or single zero. The zeros are usually green, which is a clear distinction from player-colored chips.

Every player on a roulette table chooses a colored chip for easy identification before a croupier (also known as casino attendant) spins the wheel. A croupier then announces a winning number after a roulette ball drops into a pocket. While betting options in most online roulette games are the same, the odds may vary depending on the number of pockets into which a ball falls.

Double Zero and Single Zero Roulette Table Layout

The case of a roulette table having double zeros or single zero often ignites a heated table among online gamblers. Note that a roulette table with a double zero has a higher house edge, usually 5.26%. Games that have a single zero have a lower house edge or 2.63% in most cases.


While some roulette players may argue that a roulette wheel can be biased because of structural flaws, every game variation ignites excitement. The basics of playing a roulette game remain the same, except when a table has double or single zero. You should also check out 3D roulette and other variants of the game developed by top casino gaming software companies in the world.