Why Do You Need A Reliable Video Editing Tool

A reliable video editor is an indispensable tool in video production. The importance of a video has been summarized below:

Evaluation Of Video And Audio

An efficient video editing tool allows you to evaluate how your video and audio will look together when you finally release it. It gives you an opportunity to edit your video in numerous ways before settling on the cut that you think looks the best!

Merge Or Cut Videos

You may want to merge videos together or merge various different shots into one video or cut the parts you don’t think add any sort of value to the concept or the content. Merging and cutting videos has been made easier, thanks to the development of video editing tools.

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A Creative Decision

A video editing process reflects creativity, straight out of your mind. All the creative decisions made from pre-production to post-production shine after the video has been edited, cut, and merged. You can incorporate effects and transitions that make up for the lack of any advanced camera tricks. Video editing tools open doors to an entire world of experiments, enabling the users to make the video just like they thought!

it won’t be wrong to say that a video editor tool is a must when it comes to video production. The question is – how to find the ultimate best video editing tool? If you’re on a lookout for a video editing tool that satisfies all your video editing needs, look no further; VideoProc is what you need.

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VideoProc – An Introduction

VideoProc is a desktop video editor that you can use to edit, cut and merge 4K or larger videos on the desktop. It is a super-fast and reliable video processing software, that does not compromise on quality. VideoProc is compatible with Windows, and mac0, so whatever OS you’re using, VideoProc will always have your back.

Noteworthy Features

The excellent features of VideoProc are what make it what it is – one of the best video editing tools. Some of the most prominent features of VideoProc include:

Easy To Use

VideoProc is a one-stop solution for all professional video editing needs. It not just meets the basic video editing needs but offers you a lot more than that. The software can edit, cut, rotate, crop, and merge videos in literally no time. The high-quality features make a studio-film look like a pro. It can stabilize, De-noise, correct fish-eye lens distortion, force A/V sync, etc. It’s one of the most user-friendly video merger available today.

Accelerated Speed

VideoProc is armed with level-3 Hardware Acceleration Technology. It is ranked on number 1 because it comes up with 47x real-time faster-reserving quality. With VideoProc, you can process 4K videos with GPU acceleration and enjoy super-fast editing.

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Transcoding Capacity

VideoProc comes up with an impeccable transcoding capacity. It attains a library of 370+ codec. It can handle any video directed from the camera, GoPro, iPhone, Android, camcorder, DJI, etc. It can also deal with videos ranging from H264 to H265 (HEVC), MKV to iPhone/MP4, AVI to YouTube, 3D to 2D, AAC to MP3.

Enhancement Of Videos

VideoProc allows users to reduce the size of the video up to 4K or larger without any quality loss by adjusting a full set of resolutions, frame rate, bit rate, aspect ratio, sample rate, video/audio codecs. It is functioned to improve quality from HD to 4K, for 4K TV and UHD screens

Reliable Downloader

VideoProc also works as a downloader, helping in downloading videos from various online platforms. It can also record gameplay, webinar, presentations, video calls, or streaming videos from a webcam.

VideoProc Vs. Online Video Editing Tools

Countless of people prefer free online video editors over reliable, paid processing software. However, VideoProc stands a class apart from all the online video editing tools. Let’s see why we say so:

Size Limitation

The online video editor/ merger comes up with a size limitation of 100-600 MBs and supports general format only. An internet connection is required, and videos take a long time to upload or load.

On the other hand, VideoProc can edit, cut, and merge videos of unlimited size. It can edit 4K or large videos, with limitless input and output format.

Privacy Concerns

The primary concern related to online video editing tools is that the file stays on the server till days before the server deletes it, which raises serious privacy concerns. With VideoProc, there are no concerns related to security. It is a safe and secure platform to edit your videos on.

Limited Features

The other apprehension related to online tools is that online software comes with limited features and, the editing process is affected by internet speed. The slower the internet, the longer time it will take to edit a video.

Moreover, only one video can be corrected at a time. Also, the installation of a third-party app or plug-in is required to launch the tool.

As in the case of VideoProc, an internet connection is not required, and load/unload speed is fast. The video editing functions of the software are diverse. It can edit, merge, and cut videos. It also comes with converting and downloading video function. It is a light-weighted and easy to use video editor. The batch process is also unlimited, and no third-party app is required to launch it.


A video editor is required to create out of the ordinary content and present it in a more meaningful way. VideoProc stands on all the qualities of a good editor. It comes with powerful video editing features, and it is licensed and free.

VideoProc helps you step into the world of digital technology with a lasting impression.

In this video, you can also learn how to process and edit 4K videos with VideoProc: